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Good Monday, lovelies!

There are a few things to share today, and the first one makes me SO EXCITED to share. I hope you’ll find as much joy in it as I did.

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1. A BRAND NEW addition just for TSE.

I don’t know about you, but for me to make sure I am intentional about sharing faith I need a pattern in my life. Recently, I set aside Sunday nights as a time when I enjoy creating ways to connect with those God has called me to serve and to reach. This has become a highlight of the week for me and I wanted to share it with you in hopes that you’ll share what you do so we can learn and  inspire each other to add a new ways to love others creatively. First, I created and printed the little notes above using a business card template Avery 28878. I regularly eat a yogurt that comes in cute little jars and I’ve been saving them for quite a while and have a stockpile. I bought 3 small packages of flowers that were about $4 from the store and trimmed them short so they filled multiple jars in tiny bouquets. 

The other day I took the cards and the jars to eight people that have been on my heart, several of whom were neighbors. I stood on many of their porches and chatted as I learned more about them and connected in a deeper way. One texted me later that she had gotten teary over this small act of kindness. Another neighbor was one I hadn’t yet met, and I learned so much and found out a wide range of ways I can be praying for her and her mother. Still another invited us to dinner (we’ve only met a couple of times before).

I realized that with just a little planning these cards could go even further, though. When I went to the gym early this morning, I wished I had a card with me to give to the girl who checked me in (I will take some another day!). When I went to the ladies room, the mirror would have been a sweet place to leave one as well. If I keep a stack in the car, I can take them to the store for the cashier, or drop one in the bank carrier for the teller. So many ways to bless others with just a little card.

Then it occurred to me that I could take the same image (CLICK HERE for the single card version) and text it on my phone to someone I can’t physically give a card in person.

Praying that God will spark creativity in you to use your gifts – the ways He has wired you, the resources you have – to bless someone today.

God is the ultimate giver. The Gospel is the gift. Maybe one of the simplest ways to love others toward Him is to reflect His desire to give.

2. TSE Tuesday Community Call

Oh, wow was last week CRAZY trying to get logged into the TSE community call! YIKES!! I was on vacation and it was completely on me that the meeting was on a different zoom account that no one could access. Hooray for the rescue of Shirley and Whitney who got it back on course for those of you who hung in there. I am so sorry for any inconvenience this caused you.  We addressed this so it will not be an issue in the future. This week, we are back to normal and you can get on the call (Noon EST, 1:00 CT, 2:00 MT, 3:00 PT) at this link: CLICK HERE FOR This Week’s Tuesday TSE CALL

3. Relational Evangelism Coaching Calls

Want to be ready to have a spiritual conversation without that awkward feeling? Want to be able to talk to people of any background with ease? Are you ready to make impact with your life in ways you’ve never imagined?

If you answered yes, you need to make sure and register for the 5-week relational evangelism series. These calls will help you leverage your time, resources, and energy to love others toward Jesus. These sessions are the heart of The Stonecroft Experience, and we encourage everyone to go through them at least once. The next session begins Thursday, July 9. CLICK HERE to save your seat!

4. Help Stonecroft Count

We believe passionately in the mission to reach 1 million women with the love of Jesus.  We believe it so much that we want to keep track of how we are advancing toward that number.  The only way we’ll know how many are reached is if you tell us!  Will you fill out this survey so we know the ways God is using YOU to advance his mission in our world today? CLICK HERE for the survey.

May YOU be blessed this week, friend. Whatever you bring to Jesus is enough, for He is the one who multiplies. His math never comes up short.

Here is a schedule for this week.

Much love, Suzy.


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