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Relational Evangelism

Learn the five simple ways to love those around you as you share Jesus. Relational Evangelism follows the book Foundations for Sharing Your Faith. You can choose between a 4- week coaching series or a 90 minute bootcamp webinar.

“I love everything Stonecroft has to offer women… I have signed up and attended five different (Relational Evangelism) workshops. Through Zoom I have met women from all over the country who struggle (like me) with how to start up a “faith conversation” with a family member, friend or complete stranger. I have been amazed how God has used the tools I’ve been given through these classes to bolden my heart to be a blessing, be a friend, encourage someone, witness, and pray for people. I encourage every woman to register for the free Relational Evangelism Workshop if you’d like to experience “Intentional Faith Conversations” and make a difference in someone’s eternity.”

-Carolyn Griffith, California

Small Group Experiences

For decades Stonecroft has been known for exceptional resources to reach women with the good news of the Gospel. Choose from a wide selection of resources that will appeal to every woman.

You can host your own outreach in your home, community center, or neighborhood coffee shop. These resources answer big questions like, Why Believe, Who is Jesus, What is my purpose, and more. These studies are written with the seeker in mind. We are here to walk with you from prayer to planning to celebration.

Women’s Connection

This group format is Stonecroft’s flagship outreach. Women’s Connection offers local community where a woman shares her story of transformation and offers an invitation for attendees to follow Jesus. 

Do you long for meaningful friendships that share a common thread? Do you desire to share the Gospel with other women while growing in your own relationship with Jesus? Stonecroft Women’s Connection Groups have been spreading the Gospel for over 85 years! Outreach gatherings vary in time and location, and include a relevant feature presentation, a delicious meal, and an inspirational speaker closes every event by sharing a heartfelt story from her life. You’ll discover how Jesus Christ entered her story and the impact He continues to have in her life today. That’s why we exist. We want to share the love of Christ. Click below to connect with someone who can help get you started.

Come find your place at the table. Your spot is waiting.