Stonecroft inspires women to share the Gospel with those around them. We equip them to reach each woman where she is, as she is.
We are Stonecroft
We are thousands of volunteers who tell women about Jesus through local events and small groups.
Groups of women, compelled to see lives transformed by Jesus, form “hubs” – local Stonecroft organizations that carry out many Gospel-sharing activities.
Women’s Connection – our flagship ministry – serves more women than any other Stonecroft outreach. About 600 different groups share the Gospel in their communities.
Story Marks is a gallery event where attendees browse displays of women’s photos and hear stories of their tattoos. A speaker presents the Gospel with an invitation to attend small groups.
Stonecroft Bible Studies give women the opportunity to learn more about Jesus and the Bible. Many women have come to Christ through these small groups.
Detox invites women to create more balanced lives, develop meaningful friendships, and explore faith in Christ through events and small group experiences.
Military women often feel alone and isolated. They need a listening ear, a place to belong, and a message of hope. Stonecroft Military provides these as it shares the Good News.
Prays Walk offers women the opportunity to take prayer to the streets, to the very places needs can be met, and God’s presence revealed.
Women's Connection
We support women as they talk about Jesus.


Stonecroft develops programs and resources that support outreach to women. The support comes in the form of program guidebooks for leaders, videos, conference calls, promotional materials, and many other digital and printed items that keep your mission effective.


Stonecroft’s call – to communicate to women where they are, as they are with the Good News of Jesus – demands that we continuously develop ministry models that relate to women today. We place a high priority on the research and development of innovative materials and methods of outreach.


Your funds also help support our staff members who answer your questions, create/write/design resources and outreaches, manage communications, handle all financial and human-resources situations, cast vision, and pray fervently, all for you.
Thinking of an investment in Stonecroft’s Gospel mission?
A Worthy Cause to get a more in-depth picture of how your donations support our efforts.
Stonecroft: Empowering Women for 80 Years

Welcome to the Rally!

What “limitless dream” do you have for how our ministry can love 1 million women toward Jesus by 2025? Dr. Overton welcomes us to the Rally!

Four Steps to Succeed at Recruiting

Recruiting is more than a temporary commitment. It’s a beautiful opportunity that we allow others to have in the vision God has given us. Click here for four steps to help you succeed.

Rally! Reuniting Around Harvest

Gardens are more than just their produce; they are an expression of faith. Stonecroft President and CEO Dr. Naomi Cramer Overton encourages you in how God makes you fruitful in the Rally to love 1 million women toward Jesus.

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October 2019 News Briefs

Fall Fundraiser info galore, a survey with freebies, an SBS large-print guide for Romans and Loving Your Neighbors, and more!

ANKENY WOMEN’S CONNECTION: Getting Out the Word About Fall Fundraisers

The ripened harvest signals Fall Fundraiser time in Ankeny, Iowa! As soon as the fundraiser ends, it’s time to plan the next for this group.

Sharing Hope in Alaska: Volunteer Spotlight on Wendy Parker

Every Monday evening about 15 women sip hot tea from vintage teacups and indulge in desserts served on fancy platters. But the venue of this downtown Anchorage, Alaska, teatime isn’t a cozy tearoom or a five-star hotel. It’s a shelter for homeless women.
Find out how Wendy Parker has shared hope in Alaska.

The Story of Now: ‘Relevant, Super Practical, and Enjoyable’

Click here to read how you can expand your reach and connect with women in your circles of influence!

September 2019 News Briefs

September is Prayer Month! Read about the related activities as well as Fall Fundraiser updates, the newest Large Print Bible Scripture reference guide, and retirement-account gifts.

Janice Gravely: Propelled by the Power of Prayer

The deep commitment of Janice Gravely spurs prayer at home in North Carolina, across the nation, and around the world.

Stonecroft Military: Nurturing Women to Minister in Hard Places

A military wife whose baby died from sudden infant death syndrome grappled with hard questions such as “What could I have done differently?” Stonecroft’s Military ministry made a difference amid her struggle.

Stonecroft Introduces New Ministry Engagement Directors

We’re pleased to introduce our new Ministry Engagement Directors Jessica Leep Fick and Whitney Putnam! They help people to partner with Stonecroft so more women can experience Christ’s love.

Stonecroft’s New Small-Group Experience Helps Women find Freedom from Loneliness

Where Love Lives, Stonecroft’s new small-group experience, “allows women to connect with each other and a God who loves them.” Volunteer Diane Rose shares about her Where Love Lives group in Georgia.

The Sweetness of SBS Friendships

Stonecroft Bible Studies build friendships through learning God’s Word and praying together.

Your story will never be the same.

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