Stonecroft inspires women to share the Gospel with those around them. We equip them to reach each woman where she is, as she is.
We are Stonecroft
We are thousands of volunteers who tell women about Jesus through local events and small groups.
Groups of women, compelled to see lives transformed by Jesus, form “hubs” – local Stonecroft organizations that carry out many Gospel-sharing activities.
Women’s Connection – our flagship ministry – serves more women than any other Stonecroft outreach. About 600 different groups share the Gospel in their communities.
Story Marks is a gallery event where attendees browse displays of women’s photos and hear stories of their tattoos. A speaker presents the Gospel with an invitation to attend small groups.
Stonecroft Bible Studies give women the opportunity to learn more about Jesus and the Bible. Many women have come to Christ through these small groups.
Detox invites women to create more balanced lives, develop meaningful friendships, and explore faith in Christ through events and small group experiences.
Military women often feel alone and isolated. They need a listening ear, a place to belong, and a message of hope. Stonecroft Military provides these as it shares the Good News.
Prays Walk offers women the opportunity to take prayer to the streets, to the very places needs can be met, and God’s presence revealed.
Women's Connection
We support women as they talk about Jesus.


Stonecroft develops programs and resources that support outreach to women. The support comes in the form of program guidebooks for leaders, videos, conference calls, promotional materials, and many other digital and printed items that keep your mission effective.


Stonecroft’s call – to communicate to women where they are, as they are with the Good News of Jesus – demands that we continuously develop ministry models that relate to women today. We place a high priority on the research and development of innovative materials and methods of outreach.


Your funds also help support our staff members who answer your questions, create/write/design resources and outreaches, manage communications, handle all financial and human-resources situations, cast vision, and pray fervently, all for you.
Thinking of an investment in Stonecroft’s Gospel mission?
A Worthy Cause to get a more in-depth picture of how your donations support our efforts.
Stonecroft: Empowering Women for 80 Years

How to Know Your Worth

We aren’t worthy because man says we are. We aren’t worthy because we may work hard or look good or experience success. All our worth rests on what God says about us.

The Chaos of Christmas

Christmas was everywhere. The halls and malls were decked with holly and Christmas carols played. She should have been feeling warm and cheery. Instead, she was agitated. Why all the chaos?

Love Was Born on Christmas

“Dear homeowner, I was driving from the hospital in tears as my father was in the ICU and I saw your sign on your house.” The miracle of the sign: Happy Birthday, Jesus.

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Women's Connection
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The Big Picture: New Servicewomen Choose Jesus as their Battle Buddy

“… I’m still just a growing child who’s honestly afraid of this big world I’m going into. Please pray for me.” The Stonecroft National Military Team takes Jesus to new soldiers. 


January 2019 News Briefs

Where Love Lives outreach deadline nears, more resources available, a holiday giveaway, and other happenings are featured in this month’s News Briefs.

Stonecroft Speakers Harness the Power of Their Stories

Two thousand bold, yet tenderhearted, women currently serve God as Stonecroft Speakers. These women lead thousands more to Christ each year. How do these dynamic Speakers know what to say?

Flourishing Together: The Hub Leader Retreat 

Hub Leaders came to Kansas City in November for training and encouragement. They left with new friends, new Gospel-sharing tools, and new hope for their communities.

December 2018 News Briefs

Outreach ideas, new Bible study resources from Canada, and a new podcast series on freedom in Christ highlight the news this month.

New ‘Where Love Lives’ Outreach Engages All Ages

Join us in taking Stonecroft’s new outreach – Where Love Lives – to hundreds of homes across the nation. This small-group, video-based outreach begins with a livestream into homes on Feb. 22, 2019.

The Miracle of a Meeting

Belinda Cox stood before the group, shaking with fear. She held up a police mug shot of herself. Then she told a story few people had ever heard.

The Big Picture: Acts of Service and Mission

Acts of service make our Gospel-sharing mission possible. Women’s Connection volunteers give tips to bring newcomers into the mission.

November 2018 News Briefs

Read the latest Stonecroft news: A new Women’s Connection, new hubs, a new national outreach, answered prayer for Military volunteers, and more!

Changing a City through Prayer

“It’s changing the make-up of our city.” The power of prayer transforms the Christian Women’s Connection and the community of Gainesville, Florida.

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