is this “story”?

This is the story that all other stories define. One of Creator and creation; rebellion and betrayal; love and redemption; life and death. This story is about chasing and embracing a deeper, holier life. A life of purpose, filled with compassion and authenticity. A life of truly accepting others and being accepted yourself. A life of relevance, of love and of purpose. This story is about something bigger than ourselves.

Doesn’t seem like there would be much of a place for you if this story is so huge and dramatic, does it? Maybe it seems like this “story of life” as we might call it, is too big and complex to care much about involving you one way or the other. Don’t be silly. The truth is, you’re already involved! You were born! The real question is what do you do next? Which is basically what Stonecroft is about. Helping you find that place where you are welcomed as you are, with all your joys, pains, successes, and struggles. Helping you find the piece in this story written so that only you can tell it.


do I fit in?

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