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Welcome to the third in a special series of how God’s Good News goes forth through this entire ministry! We’ve been focusing on how God provides leadership to carry forth the work. In the last two weeks, we celebrated and introduced our President/COO Elaine Watkins. (See those updates HERE.)

Today, we want to celebrate how God’s Good News goes forth through our leadership team—with two Vice Presidents who lead crucial areas of the work. Hear from VP of Outreach Eliza Cortes Bast and VP of Growth Suzy Shepherd how they see God’s story going forth.

Outreach includes all of our work to come alongside existing Stonecroft leaders to strengthen and start outreach communities of all sizes – large group, small group or 1:1 evangelism.

Growth includes our work to reach new women to pray for and learn to relationally share Jesus, and consider starting outreach communities, or circles.

Hear from Eliza and Suzy here!