It’s time to order Group supplies! You will soon receive a copy of the Stonecroft Women’s Connection Resource Catalog showing 2017 Group supplies, if you haven’t already. This year, instead of the traditional sample Group supply packet, we are providing a catalog that contains an image, description and packaging information for commonly used Group items. Many of the supplies available this year have a fresh new look that we hope you enjoy. The new colors reflect our 2017 vision for Women’s Connection, which is to inspire Healthy Groups that Bloom and Grow as we continue to reach more women with the Gospel.

Ordering online at is easy, and it’s the most effective method of ordering your Group supplies as we have systems in place to expedite the ordering process. We hope that you will take advantage of this wonderful option. Ordering supplies by May 31 will guarantee delivery by June 30.

Besides the items shown in the printed catalog, the online order form at offers additional items you may wish to include in your order (such as Stonecroft Group reporting forms), so be sure to review the supplies listed online as well as the catalog mailer.

If you do not receive your catalog within the week or need assistance with ordering your supplies, please email [email protected] or contact Ministry Support at 800.525.8627. We will be happy to help you!

The catalog may also be downloaded at this link: