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Do you consider yourself a leader?

When I was asked recently to give a talk about leadership, I went into panic mode.

What will I talk about? How am I a leader and have I really had a leadership journey?

When I think about a leader, I think of one who has a big following. She’s up on a stage. She reads all the latest leadership books. God showed me that when I think of a leader, I think of all the cool things she is doing. I forget that it is about what He is doing and the purposes He has for each of us. Being a leader isn’t about having a platform; it’s about how you live your life.
As I reflected on my leadership journey over the past year, God showed me three things. I learned I need to get silent with God regularly, be myself, and make time for mentors who encourage me. I had my first baby in August 2017, and my husband and I adopted our 8-year-old in 2018. That year consisted of trying to recover from pregnancy hormones, not feeling like myself, and just being tired. I clung to Psalm 23. It reminded me that God makes me lie down in green pastures. He leads me beside still waters so that my soul can be restored. In that, I found peace to keep leading my daughters and being invested in my marriage. This was my place of leadership.

This past fall I was desperate for answers. I asked God, “Who am I? How do you want me to use my gifts?” As I got silent and listened, He told me, “Share your story, communicate the

Gospel, and train up a generation.” The first two made total sense. I wasn’t quite sure what to do with the third one, so I put it aside. Fast forward to the beginning of 2019 and my role at Stonecroft is a new position in Leadership Development. God immediately brought back to mind what He spoke to me, and I laughed.

God met me when I needed answers. He reminded me who I was and that He still is using me with the gifts He’s given me in the places He has put me. To be the leader God is inviting me to be, I need to be tuned in to His voice and follow Him into whatever He has for me, remembering He is doing something and it’s about Him.

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