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“Come and listen, all you who fear God, and I will tell you what he did for me.”
Psalm 66:16, NLT

Sometimes it’s brave just to say you’ve been praying for something.

Sometimes sharing your faith is more about how God is intersecting with your today instead of some long explanation about sin and forgiveness.

I was chatting with a fellow soccer mom at a game. We both have seniors going to college to play soccer, and we’re so excited for them. We were talking about the programs they’d be joining and the coaches they would be playing for.

She said, “The coach for her program seems really nice.”

And that’s when I felt it, a little surge of courage to make it clear that I believe we have a big God who loves and sees us.

“Yes,” I replied, “that was my biggest prayer for her during this whole process, a coach who would be kind. She will spend so much time with him, and I want to know this person is kind.”

She changed the subject, but that’s okay. I know I’ll see this woman again, and I’ll pray for another opportunity to talk more about how I trust God in my everyday.

This has been one of the lessons the Stonecroft community has taught me: sharing our faith and being witnesses can look pretty simple.

This is a great big world, and all of it is pointing to God and His plan of salvation, even me praying for a kind college coach, even the smallest snowflake that falls to the ground.

Do you need a simple craft idea for gifts? We have a fun one that can start a conversation about Jesus. Watch this 2-minute video for a tutorial. There’s even a printable you can gift with it.


In what ways is God intersecting with your life that can naturally be part of your conversation with friends and family?


God, bring to mind those things You are doing, big or small, that might be a ray of hope in someone’s life that I can talk about. Keep my ears attuned to You.


Make a snowflake keychain as a gift for someone you know who needs hope.