Hello, everyone.

Today, I have a question for you. Have you ever felt alone even though you were surrounded by people? I’m going to share about a group of Stonecroft women who tear down walls of loneliness to bring joy, friendship, and community to people who society sometimes forgets about – the seniors in residential care facilities.

The story is played out over and over. When people give up living in their own homes, the transition is seldom easy. Everything they own is condensed into a small living area. They must now make a new circle of friends, not an easy thing for someone who may have lived in isolation for a while. Loneliness can cloud their souls even though they’re surrounded by people nearly all the time.

While Barbara visited her mother-in-law in one of these facilities six years ago, she envisioned it as a great place to hold a Stonecroft Bible Study. As the coordinator of Stonecroft study groups in her community of Fremont, Ohio, she knew how these small gatherings could create deep friendships among participants and bring joy to their lives. Over time, Barbara would be joined by nine other women from her Stonecroft group. They scatter across Fremont to spread joy to four care facilities twice a month!

The resident groups consist of men and women. The residents love to sing, so study leaders bring musicians along to lead music. The groups sing, laugh at jokes, and share shortened stories and lessons from Stonecroft Bible Studies. They work on handouts of puzzles and their rooms are decorated with Scripture art from that week’s lesson.

The Stonecroft leaders take extra effort to welcome participants and create joyful experiences. They visit residents who can’t leave their rooms, bringing smiles and conversation to those unable to mingle with others.

Donna, a guitarist for the studies, says, “We take the time to be friends with the residents. They need friendship and camaraderie. Our groups bring a sense of community in a time of life when they need it most.”

Stonecroft helps women no matter if they’re just stepping into the adult world, raising families, or are in later stages of life. By giving to Stonecroft, you can help reach women where they are, as they are.

As we prepare to receive donations for Stonecroft, we ask you to consider the many women from all walks of life who will be made to feel valued, connected, and loved through your support. Today, thousands are being reached ‒ because you give.

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Thank you for supporting women, no matter their stage of life. You fill their lives with hope and hearts with joy.