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John 8:32

“And you will know the truth, and the truth will set you free.”

Jamie grew up in a home that was unsteady from the start. Her parents had separated before she was even born, and her father was not a large part of her life. Her mother remarried when she was about 4 years old, and they began a new, more stable life together. Her stepfather brought with him a family background of a different religion, and soon the whole family was engrossed in the life of that local congregation.

Sadly, that marriage did not last, but Jamie continued to be close to her stepfather and go to services in his religion.

Her life revolved around the patterns of the church, and most of her friends were part of it, too. Jamie learned to love Jesus and the Bible, but the differences with her father’s faith left her with many questions.

When she went away from home for the first time to college, her questions about her dad’s beliefs were persistent. She finally came to throw away everything she had learned and turned instead to partying and alcohol.

She didn’t know what she believed anymore.

After settling down and marrying her husband, she found herself home a lot with her two very young daughters. She needed to get out and be with other women. Her neighbor, Peggy, invited her to a Bible study.

“I was no stranger to the Bible,” Jamie said, “but for the first time in my life, I heard the Gospel explained to me. Jesus was suddenly very different to me than when I was a little girl in my dad’s church.”

With persistent studying of the Bible and Peggy’s friendship, Jamie came to understand how the Gospel differed from what she’d been taught as a child.

She would learn to seek out truth wherever their life took them, which was all over the country in multiple moves. Having once been taken in by a twisting of the truth about God and Jesus, Jamie was diligent in always seeking faith communities that looked to the Bible alone for answers. She made sure her daughters knew how to discover the truth too.

Jamie knew how it could be to be taught the wrong thing. She would never have known if her neighbor hadn’t invited her somewhere that opened up the Bible. She wants others to have the same opportunity she did many years ago.


When was a time you clearly remember finding truth for the first time? What was that like?


God, I want to always be a seeker and bringer of truth. Help me to learn your Word and discern at all times.


Think of someone in your life who Jesus wants to set free from a lie. Invite that person to a conversation or gathering where they will hear the truth.