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This year I’m leaning into March with everything I’ve got. January and February bring short days and long, dark nights. Midwinter always brings a bluesy, apathetic feeling for me, and this year was no exception. Some people call it cabin fever, and others call it seasonal affective disorder. We have more time to think of all the tasks to be accomplished, errands to run, and thoughts that we believed were let go of long ago. Midwinter becomes burdensome and sometimes overwhelming.

But March! March brings the promise of spring, growth, and daylight! Our spiritual lives can mirror this. As we go through those midwinter blues, apathy sets in. We can forget to go to the One who gives us the hope and joy to carry on. We forget that He is with us, that He is present. Sometimes we lose our awareness of Him right beside us.

In the Bible, Luke tells the story of two men walking and talking on the road to Emmaus. They are discussing what they have seen and experienced the last several days. A man joins them, interrupts, and begins talking with them. He asks questions, listens, and challenges. He joins them for dinner.

They don’t realize it is Jesus until their eyes are opened around the table as He breaks the bread, gives thanks, and serves them. (Luke 24:13 -35)

Are we like that? Has apathy set in to the point that we don’t sense God’s presence or even know it when we see it or experience it?

Maybe, just maybe, this is a good time to rid or detox our lives of the apathy that so easily creeps in. Let’s become more aware of the presence of God in our lives, more aware of Him walking with us, talking with us, and teaching us.

March 6 begins the Lenten season, traditionally a time to prepare for Easter, to deny ourselves and focus more on Jesus – His life, death, and resurrection, and His presence with us.

Throughout March and Lent, let’s deny apathy. Let’s practice the awareness of the presence of Jesus. The awareness of Jesus changed the men on the Emmaus road. It will refresh, reset, and rejuvenate us for Easter and the months to come.

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