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“I have realized that I need to know about God.”

A woman, grieving the recent loss of her brother, came to church seeking to know about God. She was directed to Lane. \

As the two women met and talked, Lane could tell the woman’s spiritual light bulb was coming on. God started to make sense to her as they began the Why Believe? apologetics Stonecroft Bible Study. Lane’s friend loved the truth she was discovering for the first time in her life. As they continued through Lessons 2 and 3, Lane sensed her new friend was realizing her need of a Savior. When she said “I just really like this!” Lane responded,

“Would you like to ask Jesus to be your Savior?”

Lane Henderson, a Women’s Connection District Consulting Coordinator from New Hampshire, believes in the evangelistic power of studying God’s Word, especially Stonecroft Bible Studies (SBS). Since her first study as a new Christian 45 years ago, Lane has been in the studies continuously and has seen many lives and lifestyles change.

“There has never been a more exciting time for me in this ministry because so many women have come to Christ in the one-on-one studies,” Lane said. Although not all have received Christ, Lane has guided more than 16 women one at a time in the past few years who have made decisions to receive Christ.

“Most had no previous knowledge of the Scriptures. The Why Believe? apologetics SBS brings them face-to-face with truth. If they are truly seeking, they come to understand what they believe about God and why they believe it,” Lane said. “What a great foundation this gives them!”

Meeting with as many as two to five individuals a week, Lane, an experienced guide, offers these tips when working with a seeker:

Forgive her if she does not show up for a study. You can offer to meet her at another time. She will likely learn to respect you because you have a special interest in her.

Notice if she’s getting more enthusiastic about what she is learning about God.

Observe if she’s thinking or struggling with something that prevents her from going further in the lesson. She may think she needs to be good enough before coming to Jesus.

Pray and follow the Holy Spirit’s leading for the right time to invite her to receive Jesus.

A one-on-one get-together allows a guide to meet the seeker where she is in her life. “One-on-one means you care enough about her to spend your time with just her,” Lane pointed out. “Today, that is huge!”

Look for the updated  Why Believe? at

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