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When Jan Mathers talks about sharing Jesus, she never sugar-coats it.

She doesn’t try to make it sound like she has it all figured out or that it’s a walk in the park. What she always does, though, is make me feel like I can share my faith too.

I think it’s the way she understands that it’s not her job to answer every question, know every verse, or solve every doubt. At the Live Extraordinary Conference, she shared several personal encounters where she had the opportunity to love someone well for Jesus. What struck me was how she showed up expectant, remained present, and listened well to the person and the Holy Spirit.

Well, I can do that!

That’s always how I feel after hearing her talk about sharing her faith. I’m pretty sure Jesus would want us to feel exactly like that.


I don’t need a doctorate in theology or charts and graphs. I need to be present and listen.

We’re entering a season of so much good with the potential for so many misused words. There are land mines everywhere that we step around verbally, especially with family.

So if I do anything well these holidays, I want it to be that I remain in the moment (for me, that means not thinking about using my brand new planner come January 1) and listening with a fresh perspective to those closest to me.

As Jan would tell you, part of the Relational Evangelism course is learning to be a good listener. She’s one of the fantastic coaches for this five-week class. I’d like to give you a sneak peek into one of the lessons, which is (you guessed it!) about being a good listener.

Download this printable or snap a picture with your phone for reference. Pray over it during your quiet times during this season of get-togethers and reunions. I like to imagine that as we each do this, our spiritual ears will grow a little more.


What situations do you find it hardest to really listen? Are there people and topics that make your ears close up?


Father, everyone wants to be heard. Help me this season to make the most of the opportunities given to me to listen well and love more.


Keep this download somewhere handy and pray over it, asking God to show you areas where you both shine and need some polishing.