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January 2021 Prayer Devotion: She Cannot Wait to Hear

By January 1, 2021August 25th, 2021No Comments

There’s a true story that happened in 2017 of a man who had an LA Laker poster he thought might be worth a little money. He called an appraiser to come and give an estimate. The man was disappointed when the appraiser told him the poster was worth a whopping $300. 

His disappointment soon changed to disbelief when the appraiser inquired about something else that caught his eye while examining the poster. 

The man had no idea that in a stack he’d set aside for donation there was a priceless work of art. In the discard pile was an original Jackson Pollock that had been collecting dust, overlooked for years. He had received it from his sister but had no clue as to its origin.

The appraiser evaluates worth in three ways:

  1. Is it rare?
  2. Is it irreplaceable?
  3. Is it immensely desirable to the point that a price cannot be adequately assessed?

When the answers are “yes, yes, and yes,” then the appraiser identifies the items as immensely, sometimes immeasurably, valuable.

God looks at each of us and affirms the worth he planted inside every one of his creations: us. 

You are rare.

You are irreplaceable.

You are priceless. 

We are designed, created, and sustained by him, and his response to every appraisal of our worth is, “Yes, yes, yes!”

Do you know it? If you’ve embraced God’s limitless love, you do. 

You know that he paid the ultimate price of the cross to restore our relationship to him.

But what about her? Does she know it? Does she realize she is rare, irreplaceable, and priceless? 

In this time of isolation, of anxiety, of separation, and insecurity, many are finding themselves face to face with questions like “Does any of it matter? Am I alone? Am I loved?”

She cannot wait. She cannot wait to hear it, to experience, and to rest in the security of his proclamation to every single one of us, “I so loved YOU that I gave my only son…” 

She is so loved, and she cannot wait for us to tell her.

*Taken from an excerpt of “Where Love Lives”.

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