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I want to update you on vision. But not just my vision. Your vision. And most importantly, God’s vision. One of my favorite names of God is Jehovah-Nissi, or “God is my banner.” This vision will be like a banner going out in front of the troops, one that gives us direction and tells us when to rumble! What is the banner I believe God has guided us to carry out in front?
Well, you’ve been part of defining that. You’ve joined me in fasting and praying. Together, we have asked God to show us “How are you calling Stonecroft for ‘such a time as this?’” (Esther 4:14). And as we listened, I fasted, prayed, and asked God about the singular, simple one-word focus I am to hold forth for the year to come.

My initial list focused on how God has used me in the past. I came up with words like envision, gather, and embolden. All good words. But as I asked God, “What purpose do you want me, uniquely, to focus on now – this year – at Stonecroft?”

I sensed this answer: RALLY.

  • Some definitions of “rally” include:
  • Come together again, regroup, reunite
  • Recover in health, spirits, or poise
  • To have a comeback.

The test of this word was threefold:

  1. Does it fit God’s purposes?
  2. Does it fit me?
  3. Does it fit Christ in me?

Yes, “Rally!” fits God’s aims: God is a God of victory and He does rally! His Gospel does go forth – in fact it has gone forth almost a quarter of a million times just in the last nine months through Stonecroft. He will advance the Kingdom. As the book of Revelation concludes, God has won.

Yes, it fits me: Yes, it fits that my best contributions to a movement are bringing people together to pioneer something beyond anything any of us could do alone. To “make the ideal, real.”

And yes, it fits Christ in me and in us, Stonecroft sisters: As you’ve been telling me, through my nationwide listening tour, God is doing great things among us. Through us. God is sparking a revival, a RALLY. Even in our divided culture, thousands of women are saying “yes” to Jesus (2,214 as of this writing in just nine months!). Tens of thousands of you are saying “yes” to standing firm on the front lines of the battle – praying, serving, speaking the Kingdom advance. Generations are joining together. Women’s Connection leaders, hub leaders, and Bible study leaders alike are following Jehovah-Nissi in faith –
on bended knee, with ready hearts and hands.

As we come together this year, we rally, knowing our Lord holds the victory. His is the comeback; ours is to ask, “What would you have me do today, Lord?” And say “yes.”

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