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Friends of Stonecroft

Early Winter Friends of Stonecroft

By December 1, 2020No Comments
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After 30 years of a living in peace with her neighbor, Carolyn experienced a major rift with Lana*. There was shouting and anger and harsh words. Carolyn didn’t know what to do. She tried to talk to her neighbor, tried to make things right, but Lana would have nothing to do with her. 

“I didn’t know where to start with someone who didn’t want to talk me,” Carolyn explained. The very next week, she received an email from Stonecroft about coaching calls that help you to build relationships with those around you and share your faith story with. “I joined because I wanted to know how to reach my neighbors.”

After the first coaching call, Carolyn had an idea of how to love her neighbor. She had seen Lana with a tattered umbrella a few weeks back, the rain seeping into the torn places and drenching her head. Carolyn bought a brand-new umbrella and filled a card with these words from a download offered by Stonecroft:

Just in case you need to hear it today,
You are here for a purpose
You are irreplaceable
You are priceless
You are loved
By the one who made you.

She took them over to Lana’s house, unsure how she would be received. After 30 minutes of wonderful conversation, their relationship had been restored with the promise of more to come, the tension and anger gone.

The simple but proven ways that Stonecroft uses to help women connect with their faith can help more women be the bridge builders that hold communities and families together. Your gift to Stonecroft helps provide the training and resources we all need to reach out in a world where we see broken relationships on every corner. Every gift is helping women like Carolyn everywhere in our mutual need for connection.

[IF YOUR ARE MEETING ONLINE] The easiest way to give right now is through the 100% secure text-to-give platform that Stonecroft uses regularly. You can be sure your gift will arrive safely and securely by texting the amount you’d like to gift (for example, 50 without the money symbol) to 913.827.0019. Just follow the instructions on your phone. The donation will become a part of your regular phone bill. You will receive a receipt no matter how you give.

[IF YOU ARE MEETING IN PERSON*] At your tables, you will find envelopes. You can donate by cash, check, or credit card. Once you have filled out the information and inserted your gift, give it to your hostess or put it in the large envelope in the middle of the table.


You can mail a check with the memo “Friends of Stonecroft” to our new mailing address: 

PO Box 8900
Kansas City, MO 64114


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