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Good Reasons to Consider a Donor Advised Fund

By July 12, 2020October 4th, 2021No Comments

Good reasons to consider a Donor Advised Fund. Plus, another you might not have thought of.

Think of a Donor Advised Fund as an investment account. As you make contributions to the fund and enjoy the tax benefits the money in your account is pooled with other donors and invested in the fund to grow and expand your charitable giving capacity. Contributions to your DAF can be cash as well as stocks and securities, real estate, business interests and other items of liquidity.

Say you inherited a piece of real estate from a loved one. You can donate the property to your DAF, take a tax-deduction and make grants from your fund to your favorite qualified charities. The fund manages the liquidation and provides you with everything you need to file your taxes.

Making Generosity a Family Value

Increasingly, donors are exploring ways to make generosity and giving a value they share with their children—as an extension on leading a Christian life and Christ’s sacrifice for us. A Donor Advised Fund can be the centerpiece of a family conversation on stewardship toward a mission, a problem to be solved locally, nationally or somewhere in the world—even a Gospel spreading ministry like Stonecroft! Each family member can have a stake in the process—identifying a need, finding a charitable cause dedicated to meeting the need, learning about why the need exists and what is being done, as well as making their own sacrificial contributions to the fund. A Donor Advised Fund can be a family legacy that is passed on from one generation to the next.

Stonecroft partners with two organizations that offer Donor Advised Funds:  The National Christian Foundation at and The Signatry at Both organizations offer extensive online resources and have offices across the U.S.

Please contact Whitney Putnam with questions or to let us know how we can serve you by emailing [email protected].