God reminded me more than 30 years ago that two things are eternal: His Word and people. Putting those two together inspired me to invest myself in what were called “Friendship Bible Coffees” (FBC). In the years since, I’ve guided, hosted, and coordinated those studies, now Stonecroft Bible Studies (SBS). Today, I’m still passionate about them!

God’s Word changes lives! Whether it’s in a one-on-one setting or a small or large group, each SBS helps people begin a relationship with Christ and grow in their faith.

As a Stonecroft Speaker, I’m grateful these studies are available to lead women to Christ and to help new believers become grounded in their faith. I can still hear Lucille Sollenberger, first author of the FBC studies, saying that just as it’s a crime to bring physical babies into the world and not feed them, it’s a crime to not feed spiritual babies. These studies provide the spiritual food. It’s awesome to see people mature in their faith through SBS. The simple format makes that possible.

There are countless stories of lives changed through these Bible studies. Truly, only eternity will show all their fruit.

During a Who is Jesus? study at a retirement center, I witnessed a participant with cerebral palsy realize she wouldn’t be confined to a wheelchair in heaven. She learned she’d have a glorified body, able to do things she’d never done before. God is so good!

I’m so grateful for God’s Word and opportunities to make a difference in peoples’ lives through Stonecroft Bible Studies!

Barbara Hoffner

Barbara Hoffner

SBS Guide and District Consulting Coordinator, Stonecroft Speaker