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Sometimes we give up on dreaming. Not any particular dream but dreaming altogether. Our souls’ hope-spaces have emptied for so long that we’d rather stay empty.

Over the next several weeks, will you join me in asking God to fill you with a vision that requires hope? And this week, will you join me in praying a prayer like Hannah’s? To pray for people to nurture, to the glory of God?

Hannah may have felt desperate that her dream purpose was not happening. Yet she gave her soul-chasm to God:

“…and in due time she gave birth to a son. She named him Samuel, for she said, “I asked the Lord for him.” 1 Samuel 1:20

Hannah prayed to God for a son. And one way we carry hope is across the generations.

I treasure my mug that says, “Best Bonus Mom Ever,” and the young woman who gave it. It reminds me I can spread hope to women younger than me.

I can also spread hope “upward.” Do you have a spiritual mother? I have my amazing mom, Donnie, a spiritual mom Joanna, whom I call “Mom 2,” and so many Stonecroft women.

This Mother’s Day, I can encourage my spiritual mamas and daughters, reminding them of how God sends hope through them. And asking to hear what they’re dreaming about, so I can carry their hopes with them, in prayer.

Hannah reminds us God births things. He plants visions and relationships, and purposes. For us to receive, and to carry.


What hope do you want to ask God to birth in you or through you in the coming weeks?

Father, in my empty places, place something of Yourself to bring forth into this world.


This week, will you join me and take 30 minutes to carry hope to two women—one a spiritual sister or daughter, the other a spiritual mom?

P.S. I’m praying God will show me how to use my ordinary for His extraordinary hope. To show me first who these two women are, and then what to do. Will I schedule a call, grab a coffee or a walk, give a single flower, deliver a donut to their doorstep, send a box of tea for us to sip together long-distance?

What ideas do you have? What did you do and how did it go? Take a moment and smile. 😊 You are a hope-carrier!