“When (Jesus) saw the crowds, he had compassion on them because they were confused and helpless, like sheep without a shepherd. He said to his disciples, ‘The harvest is great, but the workers are few. So pray to the Lord who is in charge of the harvest; ask him to send more workers into his fields.’”

– Matthew 9:36-38

Stonecroft staff and volunteers pray continually for more workers to harvest souls. Our Women’s Connection department and key volunteer leaders look for new ways to encourage women to join Planning Teams – and to make those teams more effective. The new Women’s Connection Handbook and the Communique newsletter include some of the tips they’ve discovered. It’s exciting to see new life coming into many of our Groups and Planning Teams!

But we also want to invite new generations of women to join our work in the soul-harvest fields. For many years, we’ve observed that most women in their 20s through 40s simply aren’t interested in reaching their peers with the Gospel through Women’s Connection. So, Stonecroft staff and volunteers have created new avenues of outreach that work with younger generations. The message of the Gospel doesn’t change, but the methods of presenting it do.

For several years, we’ve talked about establishing local Stonecroft affiliates – now called “hubs.” Young women lead these local evangelistic organizations – hubs like Stonecroft Richmond (Virginia) and Stonecroft Longview (Texas) – where volunteers gather regularly to pray, receive evangelism training, plan and execute outreaches, enjoy community, and celebrate the fact that their efforts yield a harvest of souls.

I am personally moved to watch God calling young women to join Stonecroft hubs across the country as volunteers become excited about sharing their faith. We’ve prayed for years for more harvest workers to share the Gospel, and here’s one story of how God answered.

The next movement of God

Forty years ago, Kris walked into her first Christian Women’s Club meeting. She had no idea how that one little brunch would change her life. A neighbor invited her. Kris went, but her friend was helping with the style show. She sat with strangers, but they made her feel welcome and comfortable.

The Speaker that day said, “If you have a problem, you can take it to God.”

Just a few days later, those words came back to Kris when she was facing some very real problems. She did take those problems to God – and saw Him work in her life.

The same friend invited her to attend a small group, and Kris accepted. After she experienced Jesus personally, Kris considered Stonecroft her new family. She loved seeing the impact Stonecroft had on lives around her. Kris invested in Stonecroft in many ways and watched as this ministry continued to reach women.

Last year, Kris heard that staff planned to start the Stonecroft Kansas City hub, and she wondered how she might serve in this new venture. She began to pray and talk with the Divisional Field Director who was planting the hub. Kris knew she wanted to see the next movement that God would begin through the ministry she loved.

Launching a hub

Kris prayed about young women she knew who might connect with this idea. She messaged others and invited a handful of women to attend a first organizational meeting with her. Then, she kept praying, talking, and watching.

One young woman she invited came to that first meeting. Her name is Alex.

Alex learned about the vision for Stonecroft Kansas City and felt perhaps God was calling her to be part of this new volunteer group. She knew she had leadership gifts in other areas of her life and wondered if God would allow her to use them in Gospel ministry as well. Even though Alex had some concerns, God kept bringing service with Stonecroft back to her mind and heart.

Alex began to work with a team of friends to plan a meeting to train young women in evangelism, encourage them to join the hub, and then to launch it. They called the meeting “Gather Dream Go.” The meeting was a huge success!

‘I love Stonecroft!’

Alex led two more meetings of the Kansas City hub where women connected with each other to plan new avenues of Gospel outreach to their peers. At the last meeting, these new volunteers agreed to join the annual Prays Walk and to host a Story Marks evangelistic outreach.

“My schedule is full. (At times) I’ve thought maybe I shouldn’t be part of Stonecroft,” Alex says. “But I can’t leave! God won’t let me. I love Stonecroft! Stonecroft, and the women affiliated with Stonecroft, have changed my life!”

Alex is open and flexible. She seeks God as she leads Stonecroft Kansas City with humility and grace. As Stonecroft staff members continue to plant hubs around the country, volunteers like Alex help us learn how best to serve the hubs and help these new volunteers effectively take the Gospel to their peers. Like other hub leaders, Alex is excited to see women reached with the love of Jesus and transformed by His grace.

We prayed for more workers to join the harvest. God used Kris to bring in Alex as a leader who works the harvest fields. What a beautiful picture of the Stonecroft sisterhood across generations!

Please pray for continued effectiveness of Women’s Connection, Stonecroft Bible Studies, and, now, the Stonecroft hubs that engage in new avenues of outreach. Then, stand back and watch God bring in the harvest through our volunteers’ efforts!

Lorraine Potter Kalal
President and CEO