Are you a fan of Stonecroft Bible Studies (SBS)? If so, we have some good news for you and many other devoted fans of our Bible studies and Gospel resources!

One  publication has made its debut and two more are on the way!

First off the press is Ephesians: Made Complete in Christ, in SBS. Ephesians was the No. 1 choice for a new study in a survey of our volunteers last spring.

“One of the big messages of Ephesians is Christ’s love for us,” points out Cheryl Davis, vice president of Women’s Connection. This study also introduces women to the themes of Christian unity and the armor of God.

Participants will enjoy the images of trees throughout the seven-chapter study, reminding them how our roots grow deep into God’s love and keep us strong (Ephesians 3:17b). This is the first new SBS released in a decade.

“This study is all-in-one, meaning the Guide and participants get the same book – so all the content is for everyone. The study includes space for journaling, writing out prayers, doodling or other creative ways to meditate on the chapter, Scripture, or prayer,” Cheryl explains. “The book also includes a Gospel presentation on God’s pursuing love.”

Ephesians is available now through our store.

Enough, our newest title in the Conversations series, is now available on preorder.

Women who meet to discuss Enough over four weeks discover how they can be enough no matter the circumstances. It seems we never have enough time, money or the kind of relationships we desire. Enough explores how God helps us see that we are enough in Him.

Conversations aren’t typical Bible studies. They are written to engage women –  particularly seekers – in spiritual conversations using real-life and biblical stories that invite discussion on personal and social issues,” says Doris Thompson, vice president of Outreach.

Similar to the other Conversations titles, Enough’s format appeals to seekers and is an excellent resource for women of all ages to engage in spiritual conversations with their nonbelieving friends.

“As participants discuss meaningful topics, the Bible and the Gospel are introduced naturally. Conversations help women discover that God and the Bible are both relevant to their circumstances,” Doris explains.

The third release, Loving Our Neighbors (working title), encourages women to pray for those who live around us. It joins Prayer Worth Repeating (praying for adult children) and Make Us One (praying for marriages) as guidance for effective evangelistic prayer. “Loving Our Neighbors inspires us to pray for the people in our neighborhoods,” Cheryl says.

Like the other books in the series, this prayer devotional for neighbors includes questions to be addressed before guiding the participant to Scripture-focused prayer. It should be available for preorder in our store in late February.