Devotion: The Power of Friendship

His feet thumped as he ran up the steps to my room. I could hear him coming as soon as the back door closed behind him. A few seconds later, he burst into my room with eyes wide open. “Guess what, Mom? THAT WAS SO MUCH FUN!”

The words tumbled out of his mouth as he shared the adventure he’d just had with his newly found friend, Jasper.

We moved to this house just a few weeks ago and learned quickly that the family next door has a little boy exactly my son’s age. While my husband and I were excited about it, my son was not. He’s had many school friends but none who became “best buds.”  He’d pretty much decided that friendships weren’t for him because they just never seemed to work out well.

After we’d been here a couple of days, I asked him, “What would you think if I text Jasper’s mom so you can meet and play?”

“Moooooommmm,” he drew out the word in a whine. “I don’t think that’s gonna work.”

I talked him into it. Jasper’s mom said “yes,” so the boys met between our houses. Since that day, they’ve spent time together nearly every day. They go from house to house, alternating where they play and eat and run amok.

So last night, while he stood next to me talking a million words a minute and grinning ear to ear, my heart was full.

My little Jeremy has begun to discover the power of friendship. As he grows, he’ll learn that friends are there when life gets complicated. I hope he finds out that a hug from a friend can change your outlook. I pray he realizes that the comradery of faith is deep, and that truth spoken by a friend can bring freedom.

Friendship tells us: I am loved. I am worth it. There’s a place for me. Those truths echo what God Himself speaks to each of us, only we get to experience them through someone we can touch.

We live the Gospel when we invite connection.

May we choose love so that others experience God through the power of our friendship.

When we invite a new woman to an outreach, we extend friendship and live the Gospel.

When we knock on our neighbor’s door with fresh bread, we extend friendship and live the Gospel.

When we open our homes for a Bible study, we extend friendship and live the Gospel.

The power of friendship is love, and God is where all love begins.

Who needs the power of your friendship?

“A sweet friendship refreshes the soul.”

– Psalm 27:9, MSG

Related Scriptures: Ecclesiastes 4:9-10, Proverbs 17:17, Proverbs 27:17

  • How have your connections with others resembled getting close to God?
  • How have you recently lived the Gospel by extending friendship?
Suzy Shepherd

Suzy Shepherd

Catalysts Director

Who is she? Where is she?

She is that woman who needs to know Christ. She is in your community.


  • Pray that God will give you ideas for befriending those in your direct circles of influence – in your neighborhood, workplace, coffee shop, etc.
  • Pray that God will awaken your heart to those around you who need to know the source of true salvation. Ask Him to show you how to befriend them so that you can share the Gospel.
  • Pray for a woman in your life who has never experienced the peace of Jesus. Ask God to help you be the peace in her life so she will be drawn to Him through you.

Outreach Tips

  • Stonecroft’s month of prayer is coming up in September! Watch for future communication from Stonecroft about how you can get involved. Some suggestions for involvement include organizing a Prays Walk, gathering prayer requests from your friends and family, or leading another creative prayer gathering of your choice!
  • Bake cookies or a healthy snack for a neighbor you don’t know. Take it to her door and ask how you might pray for her.
  • If there’s a woman in your life you are close to who needs to know Jesus, ask God to give you an open door to share the Gospel with her this month.

Next steps

Add your own personal thoughts and prayers.


What steps will you take this month to say “yes” to Jesus? How will you share the Gospel?


We Pray. God Answers. We Go!

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