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Carolyn was invited to a Stonecroft luncheon nearly a lifetime ago. And in that lifetime, she has held almost every position on the Planning Team and many regional roles.

It has been decades of serving alongside other women to share the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

“I didn’t realize it at the time,” Carolyn said, “but it’s helped me develop a better worldview and a better local view of how I can fit into God’s plan to reach out to others in my sphere of influence.”

She has seen God work in the lives of individuals who accepted God’s forgiveness through Jesus Christ because of the message of the speakers she has trained. Carolyn has also seen the women she volunteers with be developed into leaders and support one another in amazing ways.

“It’s been pleasing, I know, to the Lord, and has consolidated efforts to reach out into communities,” Carolyn explained. “I think women need the companionship of other women, and Stonecroft has given that opportunity. I remember when I served on my first Planning Team. It was like another family. The women were so close and helped one another.”

She said this has been consistent through the years, with this feeling of tight family and companionship as they have served alongside one another. Perhaps Carolyn’s greatest joy is the opportunity to get to know so many women from different kinds of churches.

“To see all these women come together for a common purpose, it’s not a competition; it’s a cooperation,” Carolyn explained.

Surely this kind of unity and cooperation is extraordinary in a world that wants to see us divided.

Carolyn sees it as one of the shining examples of Stonecroft’s strength.


Why do you think serving alongside others can release such amazing unity and companionship?


Father, thank you for the opportunities to serve you. Please bless these efforts and grow opportunities to invite others into serving, too.


People like to be needed. Next time you have an event or volunteer opportunity, who can you invite and what can you ask them to do that might help them come alive?