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Stonecroft’s 80th anniversary is a grand commemoration of our history of Gospel-sharing by women. It’s also a time for celebrating what’s going on in the ministry now as well as looking forward to what God will do during the next eight decades.

We recently asked Stonecroft staff members:

Should the Lord tarry, what would you like to see happen through Stonecroft in the next 80 years?

Connection, mission, and revival were some of the topics in their responses. Here are their forward-thinking responses:


“I’d love to see a greater connection between our Christian Women’s Club (CWC) women and hub volunteers to develop intergenerational mentoring.”

– Jessica Leep Fick, Evangelism Resources Director

“I would like for our daughters and granddaughters to know God and share His love with their friends, families, and communities through the ministries of Stonecroft. I want people to hunger for Jesus and I want Stonecroft to create the safe spaces where those people can be fed by the Holy Spirit. In every community, I want Stonecroft to reflect God’s light with so much power that there’s no room for darkness once He has been there.”

– Emma Reynolds, Southeastern Divisional Field Director (DFD)


“I would like the Lord to use Stonecroft to impart into individual women His God-given identity that no man can touch. To see women walk tall, with their heads held high, knowing they have value and purpose outside of any role they fill, any hat they would wear, or what another person would say to them.”

– Mandy Coltharp, Accounting and Payroll Clerk


“I want to see women continue to meet the culture head-on, with hearts full of God’s love and message of forgiveness, the Gospel message. And may my granddaughters be part of this!”

– Cheryl Lee Davis, Vice President of Women’s Connection

“I would like the Lord to continue to use Stonecroft as His vessel to share the Good News of Jesus and His salvation story. We are just here for this moment of time, but the Gospel is for all eternity. My hope and prayer is Stonecroft’s message would never change, only the methods would adapt to the needs of women.”

– Doris Thompson, Vice President of Outreach

“I would like to see thousands of women attracted to Jesus through genuine love displayed by our volunteers. I would like to see Stonecroft erase the standards or expectations that so many nonbelievers feel like they have to meet or measure up to before Jesus will love or accept them.”

– Kaitlyn Chavez, Ministry Support Representative


“… I believe we will have witnessed thousands of women come to Christ because of our volunteers praying over their own communities as they continue to live and speak the Gospel. I believe a new revival is coming as a fresh move that will draw our culture back to the heart of our Father, and I believe that God is raising a new generation of women through Stonecroft to help champion His message for our sisters who need Him. The best is yet to be!”

– Suzy Stjernstrom, Central DFD

“I would like to see an explosive revival such that women are excited about the challenge of sharing the Gospel with lost friends to the point where the secular world has to take notice of what God is doing, all to the glory of Jesus Christ.”

– Scott Wright, Chief Financial Office

“I’d like to see a movement of the Holy Spirit like never before. A revival of women of all ages sharing their faith boldly and abundantly with even more women putting their trust in Jesus for the first time! I would also like to see our organization become diverse with women of color and different ethnic backgrounds internally and in our volunteer base so that we reflect the body of Christ more beautifully.”

– Maddison Berciunas, Outreach Coordinator

“… To raise up a new generation of women to take the Word into all the world. To use these women to influence relationships, families, communities, churches, and the world for Jesus. To raise support to equip the ministry to continue to reach more women for Christ, for another 80 years.”

– Mike Cole, Director of Operations


“… I would like to see our hubs multiply and grow to become for the new generation what the CWC Groups were for the past generation.”

– Shirley Voorhees, Administrative Coordinator of Women’s Connection

“I would love to see our hubs become the go-to place for women who seek natural ways to share their faith. I’d also love to see a Stonecroft presence on every U.S. Military base and post.”

– Laura Muckerman, Ministry Support Representative


We’re posting this question on the Stonecroft Facebook page. We’d love to read your response!



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