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The Power of Listening to God

By March 27, 2012No Comments

Most of us are bombarded each day with all kinds of noise. If you’re like me, you might have the radio or TV on as background noise. Perhaps you listen to music when you exercise; maybe you use Pandora radio when you’re on your computer.

Although we live in a culture of information and noise, it’s important to learn to stop and listen.
Some of us do this through regular quiet times that we have built into our days. Some start with a coffee making routine, then sitting in a favorite spot and reading the Bible. Some employ a journal or a prayer list to make requests known to God. Others use a devotional guide or Bible study.

If you notice, most of these are activities, things we do. I would suggest that most of the work done in our lives is not what we do, but what God does. This starts with cultivating time with God in silence, in listening. Silence can be foreign at first. Being silent for five minutes can seem like hours.

I confess, this is not natural for me. I am a doer. That means for me remaining silent is something I have to practice. In some traditions, routine spiritual retreats are done in silence. Others may use a spiritual director; others may just start by turning off the radio in the car.

Wherever you start, just start.

God has much to share with us if we choose to silence ourselves and listen. Let’s journey together.
There is great power in listening to God. He has so much to share with us as we journey together. Please share some ways that you quiet yourself and take time to listen to God.