By Mary Boling
Prayer Co-Coordinator
Indianapolis, IN

As a little girl I realized that Jesus was someone I wanted to know. I was not sure how to make that happen. I found that by reading His Word and praying to Him I began to know Him. I was amazed that God wants us to spend time with Him, talk with Him, and cry out to Him. I learned that when Moses, David, Isaiah, Mary, Ruth, Jesus, and so many more prayed, they found peace, direction, and forgiveness. I prayed to Jesus and knew I had just made a Friend for life, a Brother who would protect me, and a Savior who saved me.

Today, I have held on to that relationship with Jesus and have grown closer to Him. I know that interceding on behalf of others is something that Jesus does and wants us to do. When we think about our human relationships, we react mostly with our emotions. But Jesus reacts to our relationship with only love. He loves spending time, speaking to, and guiding us. May we joyfully know we have a Savior, Brother, and Protector who is always with us, waiting for us to pray to Him, spend time with Him, and rest in Him.