By Pamela M. Tolson
Lead Prayer Consultant
Southern Division

“You can pray for anything, and if you have faith, you will receive it.” —Matthew 21:22

What would I do without prayer? I do not know what I would do without prayer. I learned at an early age that prayer is what sustains one throughout their Christian walk with the Lord Jesus Christ.

I grew up in a powerful house of prayer. My mother prayed four times a day: 6:00 a.m., noon, 6:00 p.m., and midnight. No matter what we were doing when my mom would start praying, we had to stop and pray with her. She taught me that if I wanted a closer walk with the Lord, I had to talk to Him and listen to Him. I asked her what she meant about talking to Him. She said, “Exactly what I mean, talk to the Lord as if He was sitting right in front of you. Have a personal relationship with Him. No matter where you go or what you do, if you cannot take the Lord with you then you do not belong there. He is your friend and He needs to communicate with His friend.”

From that very moment, I started talking to Him aloud and in my private time. The more I talked with the Lord, the more I relied on Him.

I do not know what I would do without prayer in my life. I have heard the words in Thessalonians 5:17: “Pray without ceasing.” I have gone through many trials and tribulations with prayer and trusting in the Lord, and I have come through them all.

I have been serving with Stonecroft for seven years and this has been my calling: PRAYER. For well more than a year women have gathered together in the southern region to pray on a monthly conference call. We focus on praying for those who aren’t yet in a relationship with Jesus Christ. God has answered our prayer many times.

I am a witness that PRAYER changes things.