There could not be a better marriage of two words than Prayer and Stewardship. By the very act of praying, be it adoration, confession, supplication, or thanksgiving we recognize one God as the supreme owner of everything. Then, through the grace of God and the miracle of walking in a personal relationship with the Creator, God in turn asks us to be stewards, to take very good care of every resource entrusted to us.

As we follow the journey of Christ through the Gospels, it is clear people mattered more than riches. Possessions had their proper place and spiritual gifts were recognized and used. Jesus taught stewardship.

Is there an area in my heart, my home, where I store up riches because I fear the unknown? What about an area where I store up words because I am afraid to speak? 1 Corinthians 4:1 states we are not only servants of Christ, but stewards of the mysteries of God. This is the Christian life.

Oh, to find ourselves prostrate before God—in prayer seeking His instructions on living a life that is empty of all self-focus and to be a woman of stewardship—someone to whom people matter and whose resources grow in value because she shares them with others.