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No, despite all these things, overwhelming victory is ours through Christ, who loved us.

Romans 8:37

One of the biggest lies we can believe as Christians is that there is something that disqualifies us from sharing Jesus with others.

It can be something essential about who we are or a past mistake that feels insurmountable.

No matter what, it is a lie.

God longs for us to come fully alive to who He made us to be when we share our faith and what God has done in our lives.

Ann and Lynn share how God used Stonecroft to show them this exact truth.

“I would say my own insecurities have been my biggest stumbling block,” Ann said. “There’s also a sense that many do things so much better than I do, and my attempts don’t really matter.” This, combined with general fears of saying the wrong thing paralyzed Ann when it came to sharing her faith with others.

“God reminds me that my part is to share, and His part is to bring salvation through the Spirit,” Ann shared.

“Relational Evangelism has given me all the tools I need. I just need to be willing and available to let the Spirit work through me.”

Ann also said God has given her compassion for those who are lost without Jesus. This compassion makes it worse not to share when there’s an opportunity than to stay quiet because of her insecurities or fear.

“Stonecroft has helped in this in many ways,” she explained. “My Stonecroft sisters seem to know when I need encouragement that I am not messing everything up and that what I do does matter. This assurance was so sweetly given through many women’s words at the [Live Extraordinary] conference to remind me I am worthy and able to serve.”

Our friend Lynn had a similar story.

Lynn recently had to step away from ministry to care for her mother, who had Alzheimer’s. When she was able to come back to ministry with Stonecroft, God confirmed a calling in her to share how He has worked in her life by writing about what she has faced and how He saw her through it. And it was at the conference that God lovingly confirmed her yet again.

“I was thrilled to sense God’s leading to attend Live Extraordinary in spite of financial and travel companion obstacles,” Lynn said. “Our Lord who moves mountains got me there! Each speaker poured into my life, but none more than Dr. Liz Selzer.”

Dr. Selzer spoke honestly about her failed marriage and feeling disqualified from ministry. It resonated deeply with Lynn.

“Her courage to tell her failed marriage story inspired me to finally break free from fear of telling mine,” Lynn explained. The barrier of fear was removed so Lynn could move forward to tell women about their best life in Christ.

Both Ann and Lynn thought they weren’t worthy of sharing their faith with others, but through God’s sisterhood at Stonecroft, they found they were more than worthy and capable.


What part of your past or what recurring thought keeps you from feeling worthy to share the love of Jesus Christ with others?


God, remove any barriers that I have allowed to stand in the way of fulfilling my purpose in sharing your love with other women.


Tell another woman she is worthy today of her calling in Christ Jesus!