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In our series on Carrying Hope, we’ve been journeying toward discovering God’s design for each of us to have hope that brings life to ourselves and others.

We each…

  • Learned we were made to have hope that brings life
  • Considered our pain
  • Named our passion
  • Discovered our story
  • Identified our steps of obedience
  • & Prepared to stay on the journey.

We created this worksheet, so you could process and take notes in one place about how you feel God may be asking you to carry hope into the world.

If you’ve been filling it out as we go, get it out now. If you have yet to jot things down, take some time right now.

Let me pray with you now over your journey.

Father in Heaven, no pain is wasted in Your eyes. You have collected all of our tears in Your bottle (Psalms 56:8). They each represent a new opportunity for faith. We ask that you clearly reveal how we might carry hope so that we might walk with other women who need hope. Father, strengthen us to take that first step of scary obedience. If we are still fuzzy on the details, give us faith that You will guide us to divine appointments where we know our hope story is needed. Amen.

Sit quietly with God and let Him strengthen you. Choose a verse about God’s hope and write it on your worksheet.

I would love to know what God has shown you through this series! Email me personally at [email protected]!

Sow: What next step do you feel God is calling you to take, to carry hope?

Pray: Pray over the above and ask God to guide you and clarify what you might do this week to point others to God’s hope.