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Adam had sexual relations with his wife again, and she gave birth to another son. She named him Seth, for she said, “God has granted me another son in place of Abel, whom Cain killed.” 

Genesis 4:25, NLT 

Eve didn’t just lose Abel when his brother killed him. She lost Cain, too. He was banished from the lands of his youth and from God’s presence. To lose one child is horrific, but losing a child at your other child’s hands is even worse.

Then to have that child gone, too?

One generation into humanity shows no one’s family is perfect, no matter how close to God they once were.

So how did Eve and Adam find the strength to go on, to have more children?

How do any of us go on after devastating loss or disappointment?

We don’t have a clear picture of the timeline from the Garden of Eden to Seth, their third child, but we know this: Eve couldn’t crawl into bed with the blackout curtains and order food delivery.

She had to remain active in her survival. She had to do her part in food cultivation and collection. There was water to be hauled every day.

Anyone who has been through gut-wrenching loss can tell you that simply putting one foot in front of the other is key to not giving up.

Sure, your heart probably isn’t in it, your head is only half aware, and your body is going through the motions.

But at least it’s motion.

And it is the everyday life rhythms, with God’s Spirit guiding gently, that can slowly and steadily take us to the next encounter of God’s goodness.

“God granted me another son in place of Abel,” Eve proclaimed. The name Seth probably means granted or appointed. She walked faithfully to the appointed time of blessing.

Each dug-up vegetable, each seed saved for the next planting, every trip to the river for water, however drudging and full of pain, she did it.

And each step brought her closer to God’s next goodness and God’s next granting. One painful step after another, she discovered God’s purpose in her pain.


What daily obedience can you bring to God as you await His next blessing?


God, give me the strength to put one foot in front of the other. New beginnings are Your specialty, and I longingly await yours.


As you take the next step in anticipation of God’s future granting, how can you be His giver of goodness—bringing a tangible presence or gift or word to someone who is in anguish today?