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Stonecroft’s Outreach Network offers ideas for reaching women around the world with the Gospel of Jesus Christ.


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National Outreaches


Detox invites women to create more balanced lives, develop meaningful friendships and explore faith in Christ through events and small group experiences. The connection of body, mind, and spirit.

Reality Cafe

A café style, two-hour event that cultivates relationships and opens the door for women to discuss today’s real issues. Short drama presentations explore issues of belonging, guilt, and being enough.

Story Marks

A one-night gallery event featuring local women and the stories behind their tattoos. Women find connection and community as they browse displays of women’s photos and stories and listen to stories live.

Pretty Hurts

A casual, 90-minute gathering that sets the stage for women to be real and authentic. Through discussion and reflection, women come to find beauty in their imperfections and disappointments.

Smaller Local Outreaches

Clips & Conversations


Short movies, relaxed home settings, and lite snacks set the stage for a casual, fun evening of watching, discussing life and faith, and hanging out. The group can decide to meet again for another movie clip night or start a topical conversation.

Holiday Gatherings


Holidays such as Christmas, Valentine’s Day, Thanksgiving, and Easter provide a natural time to open your home for connection and snacks. Connect with neighbors and set the stage for conversations that will allow you to share your story and God’s story.

The Unclub Book Club


Gather friends, co-workers, and neighbors in your home or a coffee shop to discuss the latest novels or non-fictions. Ask each to select her own book and give a short overview. Through your strategic choice of your book, weave in ways the story intersects with your faith.

Helping Hands


Bring the love of Jesus to economically disadvantaged women. Partner with community-based care providers to bring snacks or a simple meal to women newly released from prison, in crisis or suffering domestic abuse, or living in emergency shelters. Bring small gifts that symbolize God’s love for them.

Prison Outreach


Reach out with God’s love to women in crisis as they experience prison – cut off from family, friends, and society. Form a group and visit local prisons and jails to bring a series of life lessons to the women. Share the Gospel to powerfully help hurting women find freedom in Christ.

Moms on the Run


Moms on the Run is a fun, casual, and affordable event for moms of young children. Moms connect, develop friendships, learn practical tips, and gain spiritual insights to apply to their busy lives.

Pregnancy Center


Reach out to women in the midst of an unplanned or unexpected pregnancy. Women going through difficult times will be encouraged and find acceptance and hope as compassionate and caring women reach out to them one-on-one or through Conversations groups.

Pray & Play


Young moms learn about God as their babies or toddlers sit on their laps and play at their feet. Together, mother and child draw closer to Jesus as they are encouraged through inspirational and easy-to-follow devotionals.

Outreach Interest Form

Outreach Interest Form


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