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Yes, Lord, I Hear You Loud and Clear

By May 8, 2012No Comments

By Cindy Faulkner
Stonecroft Prayer Consultant
Southern Division

To a Christian, prayer is essential to stay connected to God. Christ is our example in how and when to pray.  He prayed to His Father when alone in a secluded place, He prayed when in a crowd, He prayed as He began His ministry, and when He chose His disciples.  He never missed an opportunity to pray. He prayed before going to the cross. Jesus prayed for Himself, and He prayed for you and me (He still does!). Jesus gave us the perfect example of prayer.

Do we pray, listening and expecting His answer? Sometimes, we need to simply listen for the voice of God throughout our day. He finds ways to communicate His answers to us. He speaks to us through His Word, or through the wisdom of another Christian. Sometimes He speaks to me through the words of a song.

Recently, on the way to a Call to Prayer at a church in Atlanta, I had to drive on the Interstate, in the rain, during morning traffic time. I was totally out of my comfort zone. I began praying. I had a storm raging inside of me. I began singing “I will praise you through this storm.” As I prayed and sang, my fears calmed.  Traffic was flowing at a nice speed. I felt His presence. Suddenly, three miles before my exit, I saw a wall of red brake lights before me. It was then I clearly heard His voice through the radio. Casting Crowns’ song, “Praise You in this Storm” began playing. I had to smile, He had everything under control. “Yes, Lord, I hear You loud and clear.”

Are you listening for His answer?