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Anita didn’t know where to begin with her neighbors. They were from an unfamiliar background, and that presented unique challenges when she tried to connect with them.

She needed a tool to help her reach out in a way that mattered.

On Easter, I shared about heading up a snowy mountain to reach one of my neighbors. What separated us was physical instead of cultural. So why would Anita take a course on relational evangelism? And why would I drive up dangerous mountain roads in the snow?

Because of Jesus.

To know Him is to love Him. Anita and I have both experienced the freedom found only in Jesus Christ, and we want others to know it and experience Him, too.

When we look at people with Jesus’ eyes, we see people created in His image. And miraculously, He asks us to be His ambassadors. We often feel ill-equipped for this assignment.

Anita and I didn’t show up at our neighbors’ front doors with a PowerPoint presentation on the history of the Bible and God’s plan for redemption. Instead, God provided a way for us to meet the physical needs of our neighbors. Anita is doing it with everyday items. This Easter, I did it by throwing a poolside party at our condominium complex, which is now opening doors for a possible prayer group!

How do we love people toward Jesus? Time, intention, prayers, and the Holy Spirit.

Stonecroft’s Relational Evangelism Coaching Course helps a lot, too. Because learning how to share our faith with the support and ideas of others, brings courage and camaraderie. If you’ve ever felt shy or downright anxious about reaching out, this course will diffuse your fears and fill you with faith.

Anita and I are both living proof!

We can – and should – start in prayer. Ask God what the best next step is for you in reaching someone who is either culturally miles away from you or physically up a mountain. He will be delighted you are asking Him! He is full of creativity and wants His people to come together in this singular pursuit of sharing the Good News of His love.

Discussion Questions:

What barriers do you see in reaching your neighbors?

What God-promises do you want to pray for ways around those?

How might the Relational Evangelism Coaching course help you (or how has it helped)?