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Learn about meaningful relationships and the power of love. Designed for small groups of women, Where Love Lives is about creating community around food, conversation, and friendship.

Where Love Lives is a small group experience to talk about relationships and the source of love. A livestream kickoff has been recorded with four follow-up videos, each with discussion points in the participant guide. These sessions highlight the principles of love: Love Seeks Relationship, Love Desires Wholeness, Love Moves First, and Love Gives Life. Best of all, women will discover that love lives in God!

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Where Love Lives FAQ
Is Where Love Lives a new Bible Study?
No, Where Love Lives is an outreach meant for small group settings. It is a fresh, welcoming way to invite neighbors into your home to learn about relationships and the power of love, as well as introduce them to a relationship with Jesus.

How many women would I need to invite to my home to host Where Love Lives?
You can host as many as your home or location can hold or just one woman! Jesus pursued the one as well as the many. Let the Holy Spirit be your guide.

How do I access the videos?
You will receive the digital planning guide with a link and directions when you register. You will need a TV that connects to the internet. The videos are easily accessed from a SMART TV, laptop, or tablet that is connected to the internet.

Can I hold Where Love Lives at a church?
Yes, absolutely. Where Love Lives can be held anywhere internet is available and a device on which to play the videos. We encourage creativity in holding it at a church, a prison, women’s care center, community center, etc. Please do be mindful that it is an outreach, so be intentional about inviting.

What is the format of the four sessions?
Each session has a 10-minute video with discussion questions in the Participant Guide. You will want to plan on the meeting lasting 60-70 minutes depending on group engagement.

Must I hold follow-up sessions on specific days?
The four follow-up videos and discussions can be planned for any day and time. Videos are accessible at any time.

Is there homework for participants?
No, there is no homework for participants.

The planning resources mention a live simulcast that happened Feb. 22. Since I am beginning a Where Love Lives group after this date, how does that affect my plans?
The live simulcast from Louisville, Kentucky, was recorded and is available with the other videos at the link you receive when you register. We suggest you view the simulcast recording with your group during your first meeting.

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