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Weekly Update

By June 9, 2020No Comments
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Hello, dear TSE sisters!

Hope your weekend was full of worship and restoration. This is the first of a weekly update you’ll be getting about what the Experience holds for you.

As I watched my boys swim this weekend, I thought about the fact that they have gotten old enough that now they can swim without me with them. Now I can sit on the shore, read a book, and talk with others while they swim. They don’t need me like they once did. They are capable because they had lots of adults helping them learn along the way.

Sometimes, though, they still need me.

At one point, all three were swimming underwater when a boat headed their way. None of them had any idea they were in danger. The boat driver had no way of knowing they were just under the surface. I called to them, shouting over the music from the group next to us. One of them raised up just in time to see me waving my hands, and he got the other two up and out of the boat’s way. I motioned them to shore and explained one more learning when sharing the water: one of you needs to be up and aware at all times. Off they went again.

Part of our call to multiplication in the kingdom is that we are called to raise up leaders who can carry on without us. We are to sit on “shore” and enjoy how God is using them. And, we are to be available when the need is obvious.

Who are you teaching to “swim” without you?

Last week’s Tuesday call was on leadership, and multiplication was a little of what we discussed. We will continue to discuss leadership this afternoon, and share a tool you can use to make sure you’re helping others become confident and independent in the work.

The Front Porch Friday call was on assessing your group’s effectiveness.

CLICK HERE for the downloadable group self-assessment. This can be used with your planning team and is a tool to help get everyone thinking and discussing ways to improve.

We hope to see you on the TSE (The Stonecroft Experience) Community Call! Join the call at any time!

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This Week’s Schedule

All Calls are at 2:00 ET, 1:00 CT, 12:00 MT, 11:00 PT


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Known Bible Study
This is open to anyone and is seeker-friendly.

The Stonecroft Experience Community
This is just for you – the TSE community. Learn more about how to get the most out of TSE and to connect with other leaders.

Prayer Call
You’ll hear someone’s story and the Good News is shared, followed by a shared prayer time.

Relational Evangelism Coaching Calls
This group began 6/4 and is a 5-week session. If you’re not part of this one, join the next one!

Front Porch Friday
You’ll get tips and info on how to grow your outreach & make impact.

With joy,

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