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What a joy it is to travel the country meeting with Stonecroft sisters on my Listening Tour. Since the tour began in October 2018, I’ve logged 21 trips! I’ve heard the heartfelt stories of how you’ve been blessed by your involvement with Stonecroft. My heart has been warmed by your smiles and your tears of precious memories as you described how God showed up in your life and in the lives of the women around you.

As I share the God-sized Rally vision of loving 1 million women toward Jesus by 2025, I also see enthusiasm rise to your faces. I’m sensing a revived energy and an attitude of “God will do this – we can do this!” On each trip, I’ve shared this vision with about 150 (and more) women. More than 3,150 women are speaking into the Rally!

Here are some snapshots of just some of your Rally sisters I’ve met at the Regional events and along the way. You’ll also find some of the enthusiastic responses that have come in as people catch this Rally vision. Please pray for your Stonecroft family across the country. They are praying for you. Get Your Rally On!

The Rally Cry Heard Around the Country

“Our best years are yet to come!” ‒ Linda Moore, Florida

“To see more women from all generations and walks of life hear the Gospel. To see the generations mentor each other as they build relationships with women in their communities.” ‒ Marie Carter, Tennessee

“God is so good. I have never felt so excited about new opportunities within Stonecroft!  I see the Lord knitting together the volunteers in the field with Stonecroft staff members so that we are united in our efforts to share Jesus everywhere.”  ‒ Pat Gordon, Texas

“I am so excited about all of the young women coming on board! My heart sings and rejoices with all the new ideas and voices sharing the desire to spread the Gospel of the power and love of Jesus! ‒ Pam Wilson, Tennessee

“Let’s rise up and RALLY to reach 1 million women by 2025! With God All Things are Possible!!” ‒ Dawn Seifert, Wisconsin

“I love hearing about the new and exciting things coming out from Stonecroft ‒ we have a bright future!” ‒ Beth Barrett, Colorado

“I am excited for all the new opportunities and ways we are starting to reach new women and am excited to see what God is going to do through our new CEO.” ‒ Kim Fusting, Kentucky

“What excites me MOST‒ is that … so many young ladies are in leadership now and KNOW what this generation of women want and need ‒ and that you all are dedicated to the CALL OF JESUS ‒ to tell everyone EVERYWHERE about HIS saving grace! Thanks be to God for all HE is doing!” ‒ Marie Carroll, Tennessee

“I think the word ‘rally’ is a really good word for us now. It’s very motivating and going to give us new energy.” ‒ Lane Henderson, New Hampshire

“Thank you for rallying us. Keep up the great fight. I’m so excited to see what He’s going to do. One million for Jesus! Praise the Lord.” ‒ Kris Driskell, Missouri

“(I am excited about) lifestyle evangelism. And how God will honor that.” ‒ Jane List, Tennessee