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The Absolute Only Way

By November 1, 2015No Comments

Sahuarita, AZ – Minerva was on the brink of leaving her marriage – or using alcohol as a way to escape the pain. She believed in God, but knew there must be “something missing in her life.”

When Minerva found out about a Stonecroft Bible Study, she went to the first meeting.

“The ladies there were very nice, and they didn’t mind that some of us weren’t as knowledgeable about the Bible,” said Minerva. “They accepted me as I was—which was really good.”

Minerva went through the Stonecroft Bible Studies Who Is Jesus? and What Is God Like? What she learned from the Bible made a deep impact.

“About six months ago I decided I will never drink again. I think some people drink because they can’t handle life: it’s easier to drink and not think about what you’re struggling with. I just don’t think that’s what God wants for me. God wants me to face this world without alcohol and deal with my life the way it is.

“[My life has changed] in things like how I treat my children. Sometimes I would get really frustrated with them and the first thing to do would be to yell.

“My husband saw little changes in me, and that made him want us to go back to church. We have even started going to a church Bible study together.

“On Wednesday nights, my daughter goes to the youth group and my son goes to the younger group and they love to go. This is something that they definitely look forward to.

“I think we need to continue this because our marriage needs a lot of work and the only way that we can get it right is through God. That’s the absolute only way. If we don’t have God in our marriage and in our home, I just don’t see it working.

“That’s why I need this [Stonecroft Bible Study]. I need to stay focused and keep God in my life on a daily basis.

“If I didn’t believe in God, I would have left at this point in our marriage. I think it’s God who is keeping me here.”


Adapted from “She Found Him on Facebook,” originally published on May 1, 2013.