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Stonecroft Wants to Receive Your Non-Cash Gifts!

By May 24, 2020October 4th, 2021No Comments

Stonecroft is excited to announce a new opportunity that you probably never thought could make a significant impact toward funding our ministry work.

Take a look around you right now. Chances are you have items of value right in front of you that you no longer need, yet you are still holding onto them. You could go through the hassle of trying to sell them online. Or offer those items to family or friends, but they might not want them either.

Now there’s a way to put those items to good use and support Stonecroft.

What are non-cash gifts, and how can they benefit Stonecroft’s ministry work?

Lots of items can be donated as non-cash gifts:

  • All cars (running or not) & motorcycles
  • Designer purses
  • 14k gold & platinum jewelry, precious stones, gold & platinum watches
  • Musical instruments
  • Fine art & collectibles
  • Precious metal bullion
  • Commodities
  • Publicly traded stock and mutual funds
  • Large quantities of business inventory or overstock, industrial equipment
  • Electronics, such as laptops, tablets, smart phones, games and more

Accepted on a case-by-case basis:

  • Boats, RVs, ATVs and other recreational vehicles
  • Real Estate (minimum value of $50,000)
  • Business Interest

Not all items are accepted. Must have a market value greater than the cost to ship or transport and liquidate.

We’ve made it easy to donate non-cash items:

  1. Go to our website at and click on the donate link. Then click on the button “Non-Cash Gifts.”
  2. Click the button that matches the type of non-cash asset you wish to donate.
  3. Complete the online form.
  4. When you submit the completed form, you will receive an email with instructions for transferring the donation to Stonecroft. Either a prepaid shipping label or information on pick-up coordination.
  5. After the transfer is made, you will receive all documents needed for tax purposes. Consult with your tax advisor if you have specific tax questions.
  6. Come back often. After you have donated once, our website will ‘remember’ you, so you will only need to verify your email address.

It really is that simple!

Questions: Call 877.410.4431 or send an email to [email protected].