Get to know

the faces

behind Stonecroft

Stonecroft’s staff functions like the body of Christ – because we are. Each makes a unique contribution and depends on everyone else. We’re here to support our volunteers in any way we can, from providing materials and outreach supplies to creating small group resources and dreaming up new forms of ministry.

The staff works hard, prays harder, and celebrates God’s undeniable movement throughout the ministry. We share excitement about what God’s doing today and expect Him to do even greater things in the future.

Dr. Naomi Cramer Overton
President and CEO
Mike Cole
Director of Operations
Kimberly Schiller
Executive Administrative Assistant
Dale Shelton
Ministry Support Manager
Tammy Aswell
Group Support Specialist
Kaitlyn Chavez
Ministry Support Representative
Linda Johnson
Financial Liaison
Laura Muckerman
Ministry Support Representative
Shirley Voorhees
Women’s Connection Administrative Coordinator
Jessica Leep Fick
Ministry Engagement Director
Joan Johnson
Stewardship Manager
Scott Wright
Mandy Coltharp
Accounting Payroll & Processing Clerk
Brenda Monroe
Accounting Clerk
Dawn Venneberg
Accounting Clerk
Doris Thompson
Vice President of Outreach
Maddison Berciunas
Outreach & International Coordinator
Nancy Sprowls
Outreach Specialist
Sarah LeBlanc
Director of Field Ministry
Traci Crowder
Mid-South/Great Lakes Field Director
Autumn Katz
Western Field Director
Emma Reynolds
Southeast Field Director
Anne Schneider
Northeast Field Director/Hub Growth Director
Suzy Shepherd
Central Field Director
Cara Day
Director of Marketing and Communications
Robyne Baker
Writer, Editor
Serena Lilli Jeanne
Graphic Designer
Amy Rodriguez
Project Coordinator
Mary Speidel
Writer, Editor
Cheryl Gochnauer
Part-time Writer, Editor
Terri Engel

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