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Stonecroft Bible Studies

Stonecroft Bible Studies

By December 30, 2013No Comments

The following letter was mailed to Stonecroft volunteers on December 30, 2013.

riverDear Stonecroft Bible Study volunteer,

As we start this New Year, I can’t help but wonder about what ways God will direct each of us as we seek Him about sharing His Word with those without Jesus Christ. The Word is alive and active and cuts through to the heart of every matter. Even when we don’t know what to say, we can trust God’s Word to do the “talking.” Praise the Lord!

For me, I like to start the year with significant time set aside listening to the Holy Spirit and meditating on a specific passage of Scripture. May I encourage you to take time right at the beginning of this year—maybe a few hours, maybe a few days, or maybe a few weeks to listen to His leading as you prepare for the upcoming year? Trust Him to guide you to the women and to the places they are—both comfortable and uncomfortable—to share the hope of Christ. Happy and blessed 2014!

Read below a few updates. Please share with those serving with you:

sbsNew Stonecroft Bible Studies—The newly revised studies Discovering God’s Good News for You (Know the Truth), You Are Alive in Christ (Colossians), and God’s Love Through You (I John) will be released in August, just in time for your fall SBS sessions.

sbs-brochureNew brochure—Enclosed please accept a sample of our newest SBS brochure promoting our current studies. To order studies call toll-free to the Stonecroft Store at 888.819.5218 to order. You can also place orders online by visiting Questions about the content of our studies or for a few more brochures, please contact Stonecroft Ministry Support at 800.525.8627.

New way to promote Stonecroft Bible Studies to your group—Do you have internet available at your Outreach group venue? Bring a laptop and encourage those who want to participate in the studies to order their resources right there. This provides an immediate opportunity after your announcement  promoting Stonecroft Bible Study small groups.

after-lifeNew resource—The Stonecroft Life Publication, After Life—Where Are We Going? has returned. We’ve already received positive comments about bringing back this popular Stonecroft Life Publication. These, and other Life Publications, can be ordered through the Stonecroft store at or call us at 888.819.5218.

New Studies—multiply ministry—Throughout our history, we have encouraged you to start new Bible Studies. Let this year be the year your Stonecroft Bible Study includes both believers and those who do not know Christ. That is why we exist! We proclaim, share, and speak the Gospel to women where they are, as they are!

New outreach in your community—Have you been thinking of different places in your area to hold Stonecroft Bible Studies? Here’s a list of possibilities that have proven successful across the country:

  • YMCAs
  • coffee shops
  • workplaces
  • homes
  • jails
  • gyms
  • pregnancy centers
  • parks

Look to see where women gather. Sometimes we just need to see with new eyes the opportunities before us.

Thank you for giving your life to serving the Lord. Thank you for loving the women around you enough to share the Gospel with them. And, thank you for encouraging all of us in Stonecroft that this mission, our call, is a worthy cause. Women need the Word of God in their lives. Each of you makes a way for many to see and put their trust in the Lord!

Believing Him,


Vice President of Leadership Development

P.S. Watch in 2014 for some new topical Stonecroft Bible Studies. Please pray with us as we develop new avenues to bring God’s Word to women today.