Message from Lorraine Potter Kalal

June 2017

Dear Chair and Planning Team,

Thank you! I am so grateful for you and the other Stonecroft Women’s Connection, Christian Women’s Club, and After 5 Planning Teams across the U.S. who believe in the ministry and cause of Stonecroft!

I am encouraged that your Group will host a Fall Fundraiser to support our Gospel ministry. The Home Office and Field staff are dedicated to serve thousands of volunteers, like you, who want to share the Good News with women where they are, as they are.

Our fundraising theme this year is “Legacy of Light.”

Stonecroft is focused on sharing Christ’s life-changing light with women now and in the future. What does a Legacy of Light look like? It might be a strong Women’s Connection outreach in your city. It might be investing in more evangelism work. It could be the light of God’s Word implanted in a woman’s heart after she attends a Stonecroft Bible Study. No matter how we beam this light, we want also to leave a Legacy of Light for the women who come after us. We want them to have what we have – the light of Christ in our hearts!

Your Group’s fundraising event is so important. The funds you raise result in transformed lives as we create new outreaches; engage new, younger volunteers; partner with volunteers in more than 40 other countries; and equip Groups like yours with services and resources. Stonecroft is a nonprofit organization that depends on donations to sustain its Gospel work and invest in the future and growth of the ministry.

I appreciate the love, light, and the legacy you create each time you make a way for a woman to hear the Gospel. Thank you, again!

Compelled by the Gospel,


Lorraine Potter Kalal
President and CEO

Fall Fundraiser Conference Call

Listen as Cheryl Lee Davis and some amazing volunteer leaders exchange ideas and share fun ways to make your Fall Fundraiser the best ever!

Thursday, July 20

Legacy of Light

Stonecroft: A Worthy Cause

“You are the light of the world … {you} cannot be hidden.”

(taken from Matthew 5:14)

Light beams across this nation. Light filled with hope, truth, love, and rescue. If you were to look at a map of the United States showing every Stonecroft outreach, you would see a nation filled with light. A light that has blazed for nearly 80 years.

We are women inspired and equipped to proclaim the truth and light of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. And this light is now our legacy. Its stream reaches far as generations of women embrace a relationship with Jesus Christ. One woman, eight decades ago, received this call, and hundreds of thousands followed in her footsteps to continue this legacy.

Stonecroft exists so that increasing numbers of women will be reconciled to God through Jesus Christ. We want millions of women across this nation to experience the life-changing work that is provided through Christ alone.

One way this light shines brightly is through Stonecroft hubs appearing across the nation to gather women together for inspiration, encouragement, and training to share the Gospel.

Inspiration. Equipping. Two beautiful words that fit well together – and have proven the test of time. Women long to be encouraged in their faith, and desire to be strengthened and equipped to share the Gospel. That’s what Stonecroft does every day! Stonecroft prepares women to lovingly pursue relationships that often result in conversations about Jesus.

When you give financially to Stonecroft, you carry on the legacy of women who are trained up and sent out into their communities to personally communicate the Gospel.

Your support helps more women, all kinds of women, become readied to join this amazing mission
and tell His great story.

As Christ-followers, we desire to leave a legacy, an imprint, for others to remember us, and
perhaps follow.

This year, the Fall Fundraiser is dedicated to this idea that our legacy is leaving the light that Christ beams into our hearts and assures that we belong to Him. The light of the Gospel message won’t be hidden.

Cheryl Lee Davis,
Vice President of Women’s Connection

Fall Fundraiser Resources

Fall Fundraiser Packet

Credit Card/Debit Card Template

Credit Card/Debit Card Receipt for Purchases

Fundraising Event Financial Summary Form

Fundraising Event Financial Summary Form – Excel Version

Charitable Non-Cash Tax Receipt Use this form when you are personally soliciting donations at businesses. Just sign and leave with business.

Certificate of Appreciation

Business Donation Request Letter

Auction Donation Form

Note: Though it is always preferred to contact local businesses in person when soliciting a charity donation for your upcoming live or silent auction, sometimes it’s just not possible.  Many corporate decision-makers in charge of community donations are also not personally accessible. When a visit or a phone call isn’t possible, a thoughtful and brief donation letter is an effective tool. Be sure to address the letter to the decision-maker. This may require a phone call or some research, but it will ensure the letter gets to the right person and then will speed up your process.



Fundraising Ideas

You can find many more ideas in the Fall Fundraiser Packet!

Christmas Cookies

Everyone loves homemade cookies but fewer people take the time to bake them. Knowing this, members of the Ocean County (New Jersey) Women’s Connection in Tom’s River bake hundreds of cookies to prepare for their annual Christmas Cookie fundraiser. Stonecroft Regional Administrator Roxanne Kamichoff shared on the 2017 Fall Fundraiser call how they do this successful event.

More Information

Gift in a Jar

Savory Chili, fudgy brownies, and a yummy snack mix are packed into mason jars and decorated with a colorful wrapping paper and ribbon top. A Gift in a Jar is a great idea for teachers, hostess gifts, and many other gift-giving situations.

Overview & Planning

Order List

Order Form


Quarter Auction

Collect approximately 12 high-quality donated items and several less expensive auction items. Participants bid a quarter for every $25 the item is valued and place the quarter in a basket on their table. For example, an item valued at $150 equals 6 quarters. The quarters in the baskets from bidding go to the Group. Tip: build excitement by bidding on inexpensive items first.

Cake Auction

Ask your Group’s bakers to bake a cake – the fancier the better – and use the cakes as table decorations for the event. Each guest votes for her favorite cake. Before the cake auction begins, award the top three bakers a prize for the cakes that receive the most votes. This sets the stage for the cake auction to follow.

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