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Did you know courage is catching? Like a spark into a flame or a baby’s laugh, someone else’s courage can ignite your own. This is one of the things Stonecroft does for women, such as Teresa and Adela from Louisiana.

Teresa always knew she wanted to do something with Story Marks™, a Stonecroft resource designed to feature and share women’s tattoos and the personal stories behind them. She just didn’t know when or how. Then a new festival came to New Orleans, where it would work perfectly.

“At first it was just me and couple of women. But when I started sharing what we were doing, everyone wanted to be a part of it,” Teresa explained. With a photo shoot, giant posters, furniture, fliers and T‐shirts, there was plenty that she needed help with. “One of the things that gave me courage was seeing the other women get excited and take things on.”

One of those women was someone who never would have volunteered to talk to strangers, let alone start a conversation about spirituality and God.

“I wasn’t really sure at first,” said Adela. “But as we were setting up the tent, I started reading the stories and I was like, ‘Oh, wow.’”

Before the festival opened, Stonecroft staff gave the volunteers some advice on how to start conversations, about natural questions to ask, and how to offer to pray for someone.

Teresa said, “When you see someone modeling and see it in action, it gives you courage to do it, too.”

Adela said she had struggled with shyness her whole life, but with her Stonecroft sisters she has new courage. “I never imagined I could do something like this. I’ve been learning to speak up. I’m very bashful. Giving us what to say made it not so hard to talk to people.”

Adela is truly looking forward to the next time she can talk with strangers. She’s even started to write her own story.

Stonecroft comes alongside women like Teresa and Adela to give them courage for that next conversation. It is catching.

Come with us in the mission to reach 1 million women!

During this time of great uncertainty in our country, let’s give women something to be certain about.

Let’s Rally Courage now to mobilize women on a mission for eternal impact. Your gift will help a woman courageously reach those around her with the love of Jesus.

For just $11.50 per month, you can Rally Courage for another woman.

You can begin your monthly gift today at‐courage or text to give at 913‐827‐0019. For a general donation to the ministry, the donor must include the word ‘courage’ in their text with the amount of donation they wish to give. Only a number amount should be included, no dollar sign. For example, if a donor wanted to donate $13.00 to the ministry, they would text “courage13” to the number above. (Do not use quotation marks in your text. Also, if this is your first time using text to give, you will be prompted to set up your account. Please choose Rally Courage.)

You can also mail a check with the memo “Rally Courage” to:
10561 Barkley, Suite 500
Overland Park, KS 66212