Invite just one Christian woman to pray with you – anywhere, anytime – and see where God takes you from there. If you long to see the Gospel transform women in your area, join a Prays Group or start your own. Stonecroft provides a monthly prayer and discussion guide.

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Where two or more gather to pray, God is in their midst, listening.

Prays Guide

May 2019 Prays Guide

Compassion: that ability to see that a person has deep wounds or stinging scratches that motivate him or her to act, think, or do something that we may not be OK with, and to love them anyway.

April 2019 Prays Guide

The power of salvation is for all who believe in Him. He’s not looking for the most pious, the perfect churchgoer, or even the prayer warrior. He’s looking for you.

Most of us celebrate the season with loved ones, but some spend their holidays hurting and alone. How can we generously extend God’s love to them?

This holiday season, Stonecroft invites you to meet women where they are in their loneliness by asking your unbelieving friends, neighbors, co-workers, and family how you can pray for them. You’ll pray for their requests, then follow up with them after the holidays to see how God moved in their lives. We’d love to hear what God did!

The Easter season invites us to celebrate our life with Jesus as we remember His death and resurrection. Jesus’ message to His followers before He ascended into heaven was to go and make disciples of all nations. How do we respond to this message?

Let’s start this Easter season by sharing Jesus’ love through prayer. We invite you to ask your nonbelieving family, friends, neighbors, and co-workers how you can pray for them. Pray for their requests, maybe invite them to church, and follow up after Easter to see how God moved in their lives.

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