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September 2018 Prayer Connection

Some of the most exciting outreach opportunities happen in the most ordinary places. Open eyes and hearts make these God-moments extraordinary.

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May 2018 Prayer Connection

Our personal stories reflect the Great Story of God’s redemption. Lorraine Potter Zechmann challenges us to share these stories and see the transformation in others.

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April 2018 Prayer Connection

The resurrection of our Savior causes great celebration. Lorraine Kalal explains how our intimacy with Jesus Christ helps us celebrate when we tell others about Him.

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March 2018 Prayer Connection

What does it mean to glorify God, especially when He has all the glory? Lorraine Kalal tells us how our lives and actions show more of God’s glory to others.

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January 2018 Prayer Connection

Our do-it-yourself, self-help culture has so permeated our lives that we sometimes don’t give attention to the resurrection power within us. Doris Thompson reminds us that God wants to do “immeasurably more” in and through each of us.

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