Mothers have a special calling, especially when it comes to teaching their daughters how to mature into independent young women. They typically pass on their wisdom, living skills, recipes, parenting tips, and list-making expertise. Denise Beck, of Watkinsville, Georgia, has passed on something else to her daughters: a passion to see women come to Christ and a love for Stonecroft.

In February, Denise headed up the efforts of the Detox outreach in Athens, Georgia. The event was one of three annual outreaches planned by the Athens Stonecroft hub. There was a lot to do the day of the event, and Denise and two of her grown daughters busily worked with the team to see that the health and wellness expo went smoothly.

The sisters made the seven-hour trip from their homes in Kentucky to help wherever they were needed. “It was very special to have my daughters there,” Denise says.

One daughter, Brandi Smith, was a speaker who taught on the importance of journaling and gave her faith and health testimony. She also greeted and cleaned up. Her sister, Hailey Carter, set up tables, served refreshments, and helped with the décor and clean up. And somehow amid the hustle, they both managed their individual vendor booths. Hailey, a writer, promoted her devotional Untethered: a Devotional for the Divorced and the Grieving, and Brandi staffed a booth for Plexus® health and nutrition products.

Also serving as the Athens hub leader, Denise has been a Stonecroft volunteer for more than 30 years, so the daughters saw their mother in action many times while growing up.

“One of my earliest memories was attending a Christian Women’s Club brunch when I was 5 years old. I loved getting dressed up and eating at the buffet. I think I even won a prize one month!” Hailey recalls. “Seeing my mom use her talents of organization, public speaking, and enthusiasm over the years and all the hard work she has put in, has been an inspiration.”

From her early exposure to Stonecroft outreaches, Brandi, now a pastor’s wife, naturally transitioned into guiding a Stonecroft Bible Study and serving as a Women’s Connection Chair before her family moved to Kentucky. So, when Detox came around, the sisters stepped up to serve with the Athens team.

The volunteer team’s efforts led to a successful event with 50 participants and 19 vendors. Only eight guests and vendors had ever attended a Stonecroft activity, so organizers were happy the event had a broad reach, especially in drawing younger participants who were new to the ministry. The Detox health expo appealed to a diverse group of women crossing ethnic and age classifications.

At least four women indicated they had decided to follow Christ, the greatest outcome of all! Three community groups formed as follow-ups focusing on travel, healthy conversations (led by a Christian health doctor), and an evening Ephesians Stonecroft Bible Study.

Brandi points out that her mother stays involved in her daughters’ ministry by praying for their work, even though they’re far apart. (Another sister lives in Illinois.)

Denise delights in her daughters’ ministry efforts. “They’re intentional in sharing Christ.”

Robyne-BakerRobyne Baker
Writer and Editor