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And may you have the power to understand, as all God’s people should, how wide, how long, how high, and how deep his love is.- Ephesians 3:18

We are a people enthralled with DIY projects! Social media is filled with sites that show us how to take something from drab to fab. There are even TV channels dedicated to shows where an outdated, run-down house is reclaimed, restored and repurposed, making it beautiful again.

When Jesus becomes our Lord and Savior, God commences his very own DIY project in our lives. We are RECLAIMED – Scripture tells us we were dead and lost in sin. Without Christ, God’s original plan for our lives is eroded and sin takes its toll, leaving us used up, tarnished and empty, much like some of the houses we see on the shows mentioned. But God has a vision of what we can become, so He willingly paid the price that we might be redeemed – RECLAIMED!

We are RESTORED – Love’s renovation begins the moment we accept the price paid for us. Walls of separation are torn down, the old is removed, clutter cleared, everything that is not useful is taken away to clear the way for the new to come. Once demolition is complete, rebuilding can begin. God begins to put new walls in place and re-defines the “space” of our lives. He fills that space with light and new life.

We are REPURPOSED – Even the “junk” of our lives can be repurposed. Every difficult circumstance, painful experience or ugly reality, God can repurpose and turn into something beautiful. We are repurposed for a purpose.

That purpose is to tell others that God looks at them, sees their potential and has already paid the price for them. We can tell them that He is ready to make them brand new and use the “junk” of their lives as a testimony of just how wide, how long, how high, and how deep his love really is!

  1. Spend some time praying, asking God if there is any area of your life that still needs renovation.
  2. Then ask God to reveal a woman from your sphere of influence who needs to know how great his love for her is. And begin to pray for her.
  3. Ask Him too, for an opportunity to tell her about God’s love.