Have you ever been at a point where you just didn’t feel like praying? It wasn’t that you could not pray, but more that you didn’t feellike it. If we were to tell the truth, we have all been in this place many times.

It is easy to get caught up in our personal day-to-day activities, our to-do lists, our selfish ways, and focus on our own situations and challenges, and become so distracted that we simply do not feel like praying. We have prayed and have asked God to fix our situations and still find that we are back in the same place without noticing any change or progress so we give up and throw a pity-party—woe is me. We find ourselves in the position of not wanting to pray.  We become weak and tired, therefore, we don’t feel like praying.

Ask yourself, “What if God didn’t feel like talking to me?” There’s a thought. Prayer is a little like praise. God does not make me praise Him, but there are times that I just have to. If I don’t, I just won’t feel right.

This is the same with prayer. We should pray to Jesus every day, and more often to stay in constant communion with Him. And sometimes we have to sacrifice sleep, talking on the telephone or hanging out with family and friends. Truth: You cannot afford not to pray. It may be hard sometimes to pray, but it is something we must do in order to know the ways of our Savior Jesus Christ.

Prayer is not complicated. We think we must use fancy words, and long sentences. NO – whispering the name of Jesus is prayer. Simply saying, “Thank you” is prayer. Saying, “Father, forgive me” is prayer.  Saying, “Good morning, Jesus” is prayer.

Even when one does not feel like it – we should pray, “I bless Your Name, Jesus”!