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Our ordinary lives take us into the paths of people we know on the surface.

Our conversations go something like this,

“Hey! How are you?”

“Oh, just fine. Can you believe this weather?”

“I know! And I’ve got to get groceries today.”

“See you later!”

We smile, we chat, and we share. But just a tiny bit.

Today, the church has a hurdle to get over: escaping our Christian bubbles to love those around us in word and deed. The early church had a similar major hurdle: accepting that the Gospel was for everyone, not just the Israelites. God helped Peter spearhead this shift:

“Then Peter replied, ‘I see very clearly that God shows no favoritism. In every nation, he accepts those who fear him and do what is right. This is the message of Good News for the people of Israel—that there is peace with God through Jesus Christ, who is Lord of all.’”

Acts 10:34-36

When your nation has been the keeper of the promise of the world’s Savior for an exceptionally long time, it’s hard to embrace that the promise is for everyone. But the Jewish Christians did.

So did my colleague at Stonecroft, Whitney Putnam.

She found the confidence to get out of her bubble. And Whitney says she didn’t do it on her own.

There is a unique atmosphere of courageous accountability in Stonecroft’s sisterhood. It opens our eyes to see people.

Whitney’s eyes were opened to see moms at her kids’ school.

But not just to see them, but to find the courage to invite them to her home to talk about Him.

Because so great a cloud of witnesses surrounded Whitney, she opened her heart and home.

She didn’t have to go far to find these gals. She didn’t need to invent a resource to use. Stonecroft was right there for her.

But really, the resources and sisterhood just helped her find God-confidence. Jesus saw those right around Him. His footsteps took Him alongside others from every walk of life, from Roman soldiers to the blind and outcast. He saw each one and purposely intersected with their lives profoundly through deeds and words that spoke love. A Stonecroft sisterhood and supplies merely help us follow in Jesus’ footsteps together

Discussion Questions

This week, will you join me? I’m going to call a friend and pray over these questions:

Who are the surface conversation people in our lives? (Ask God to show us two names and faces.)

How might we inspire each other and get even more ready to invite those two people to a small group, a coffee, a walk, or an outreach gathering? What about doing a 5-week friendship evangelism coaching group together?

How will we pray together for these two people and ask God’s goodness for them?