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4 Ways to Build Rewarding Relationships in a Pandemic

Where do we go from here?

While the world beginning to open up is certainly great news, what do relationships look like? We’ve just spent over a year social distancing and connecting over video calls. What will it feel like to jump back into our friendships again? What will it take to build new ones?

Maybe you’ve forgotten what it was like to connect in general. We don’t blame you.

At Stonecroft, we recognize people need connection now more than ever before.

What’s in the guide?

  • 4 essentials to rewarding relationships
  • Thoughtful reflection & discussion questions
  • Practical examples and action steps for living it out

Stonecroft is ordinary women living extraordinary by connecting with God, each other, and our communities. We hope you enjoy this guide and consider how your friends, families, neighbors, workplaces and other communities might enjoy it too.


Who is this guide for?

People who are ready to connect again
People searching for purpose & meaning
Women who want to help those around them
Growth-minded individuals

Come find your extraordinary in every day of ordinary.

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