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Friends of Stonecroft

Friends of Stonecroft: Fall 2020 Edition

By September 8, 2020No Comments
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When our country shut down and everyone headed inside their homes, Stonecroft pushed outside business-as-usual to create spaces for community and growth when everything else was contracting. Through the weekly rhythms of Monday study, Wednesday prayer, and Friday front porches, hundreds of women across the country (and even a few international!) came together through video conferencing when they needed it most.

Monday study attender Sandi said, “These are real women of God talking about real life, addressing things that are usually swept under the rug. I knew this was where I needed to be.”

On Wednesday, powerful stories of hope are shared by women of all backgrounds. From women yearning for children to those experiencing many forms of suffering and injustice, you can hear their stories on a number of different topics and then have prayer time for the needs of people all over the country.

One participant said, “It is ALL impactful! The unity of our hearts is the most beautiful!” Another one said, “So very grateful that our leadership took the initiative to lovingly engage everyone during this time of national crisis.”

Echoing many responses was this one: “Knowing that I am not alone and that there are others who are praying for and wanting the same things that I do for ourselves, our families, and our country.”

Fridays always have a little bit of fun when we open our digital “front porch” to share ideas on how to love others from a distance in our new reality of COVID-19.

The ways we have or have not been able to meet may have changed drastically since March, but our hearts to love and surround women have not changed! Your gift to Stonecroft helps continue both in-person and new online communities in a way that breaks through the isolation that many are experiencing.

Women cannot wait for our world to return to normal before they connect. Help us reach her today.

The easiest way to give right now is through the 100% secure text-to-give platform that Stonecroft uses regularly. You can be sure your gift will arrive safely and securely by texting the amount you’d like to gift (for example, 50 without the money symbol) to 913.827.0019. Just follow the instructions on your phone. The donation will be reflected on your phone bill.

At your tables, you will find envelopes. You can donate by cash, check, or credit card. Once you have filled out the information and inserted your gift, give it to your hostess or put it in the large envelope in the middle of the table.


You can mail a check with the memo “Friends of Stonecroft” to our new mailing address:

PO Box 8900
Kansas City, MO 64114

Your tax-deductible gifts can also be made at or send your donation to your Financial Coordinator, who will send it on to Home Office. You will receive a receipt no matter how you give.

Your gift is connecting women weekly in love and encouragement. Thank you for assuring she doesn’t have to wait.

[*If your group has established a different way of doing this to provide further protection and care of your guests during the current pandemic, then insert your instructions in the script.]


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